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As a business owner of a Photography company I was looking for some help promoting my business. Proud Digital Media made us an amazing video and we got thousands of hits. We are the busiest we have ever been in the 10 years we have been around.

I am the owner of Abc Aquatics. I used them for a video for my employees as well as an local business spotlight in my city. It was a great quality, timely and filled us up for summer.

I find the works of this video company very fascinating. His historical documentaries are very educational and thoughtfully researched. I love the DVD "The Passing of the Old West. His other works are surreal and extremely beautiful. The background music is well orchestrated and in harmony

My close family friends introduced me to the work of Michael Young. I was hooked within the first 30 seconds. His subject matter brings out deep emotions and a longing to see parts of the earth I've never been to. The music is beautiful and the poetry he wrote to draw you in and set the

It was a pleasure working with Kasra Design's team. We had certain views in terms of quality in mind when contacted them and they managed to fully meet our expectation.

Frogprintz Productions took our corporate ideas and turned them into a masterful video. This enhanced our products and service in ways we never thought possible before. Our market share was much improved and our sales team had a new way of presenting our offering to our customers. Well worth

I was impressed from the moment the music started. Michael's visual escapes and outstanding music selections are peaceful and life enriching. I recommend this artist to all who appreciate the beauty of natures sound and imagery. This one is my favorite:

FrogPrintz Productions is a regular contributor to the AICP. Their submissions of outstanding short film programs has been recognized by this body for their high quality family entertainment values and as such are highly recommended.

I owe so much to Mike...after being killed off in the 80s there's not much work for a bandit slug...but I've found a home at frog prince productions...I'm learned that the spotlight isn't all it's cracked up to be...steady work as a dancing frog extra has given me the peace and fulfillment

I was going through some rough times - you know - lady troubles - and Mike was not only there for me professionally, but as a life coach too. Finally, someone came along who was brave enough to level with me and let me know the truth about my personal hygiene issues! It's hard being a wookie.

Wow. So beautiful and so amazing. Your work is simply stunning like an icecream sundae for the eyes and ears. My boyfriend bought me a DVD set as a gift. I found you on the internet and bought more. I love the DVD Chasing after the light. Perfect to relax by after work and makes me dream

My boss hired PatrickOrtman, Inc. to create a web commercial for our brand, and everyone here has been thrilled with the outstanding work Patrick and his team did for us.

Michael's work is where I turn when I need to escape from stress and anxiety. His idyllic work draws from beautiful nature scenery that makes me long to run away there. As a customer, I value his work greatly. I would like someday to meet him in person since I am sure that his experience

I have nothing but positive acclaim for my good friend Michael Young. His talents are unique and his work inspiring. He never argues his ideas, instead, he creates a vision that almost anyone can appreciate and then goes about making this vision a reality. He has a quiet demeanor but unbounded

Collaborated with me on a BBC Production of famous 16th century castles. Marvelous results. Captured the essence of the period and traits of the characters. Well worth the cost.

Didn't disappoint. When I saw his documentary "Leap Frog," about the annual Calaveras Country frog jumping contest I was convinced our search was over.

Michael Young is fabulous! He's a gentle, sweet man who makes excellent movies. He's a proven professional with that extra touch. He does it all, writes, directs, and cinematographizes the whole shebang. Really, really funny on set, kept us laughing throughout the production. He managed

Mike is soft spoken with a purposeful, kindly, generous spirit. His films find simple ways to bring out heartfelt emotions in his audience. He is easy going and a marvelous teacher. His life philosophy is one of doing for others and respect for the well-being of all creatures great and

Our family loves Mike's style and wholesome family values. He is a funny, clever, polished producer of memorable short films that teach life lessons. No one is doing this anymore that I know of. Check out his work and you will see what I mean. Highly recommended.

Terrific Talent! Kind, thoughtful, charming personality. Our kids love his nature videos and animal animations.

A pleasure to work with and a joy to watch.

Absolutely amazing stuff. Very inspirational productions. You do good work Mike.

Michael Young is a phenomenal producer who completely engages his crew when the camera rolls. I had the privilege of working with Michael on a promotional documentary about the fine arts community. He and Lyle Waggoner hit it off with their shared interests in amusing sculpture. I continue

Michael Young is a great person to work with, blending visionary thought leadership with excellent organizational abilities and the highest levels of integrity. A true pioneer in the field of emerging filmmaking techniques, Michael has assembled an impressive library of video works. He established

Mike Young, is a very impressive artist. Unlike most that tend to walk in the shadows of another, Mike walks alone, and he does it with confidence, inner drive, perseverance, and his unquenchable flair. His use of music and cowboy poetry, which he blends into his western videos is commendable

There is a reason creative people continue to create, and when they succeed, the result is oftentimes a surprise balanced only by the effort. Magnificent art doesn't come easy except for a few. Michael Young is only viable if your desire is to make works of beauty and meaning.

I have known Michael Young for at least ten years. He is a reliable, committed person who follows through on his obligations, and does excellent work. Furthermore, I know him to be a loving animal care advocate -- a good indication of a person's humanity in general. If the opportunity arises,

I am fortunate to have worked with Michael. He is a true professional and a pleasure to know--he understands what is needed and delivers it. He is inspirational---and an inspired----voice. His talents as writer, director and mentor are manifest and varied. Michael is one of my favorite

I am very pleased to recommend Michael Young. He is a rare video artist that well knows how to inspire, teach, and encourage others through the medium of his work. I have purchased nearly everything he has produced. Each work is a beautiful gem of quality that touches the emotions of the

Shift your perspective... experience the difference. Michael is a friend, colleague, and collaborator. His work stands out from the crowd. If you are making a committee decision, he is also a wonderful and humorous speaker. Soft hearted, creative, and when needed, silly, children especially

Intelligent, thoughtful, intuitive. These are the qualities that all good story tellers have in common. Michael Young has them in abundance.

Other inflatable is poor service and call. Xpressjumpers is excellent service!!

We hired this company for web site development and they run away with our money. Tom Riehl - owner, took $500 advance from us for web site development but when we did not like his work they refused to give us design revisions and simple took our $500. We are going to file BBB complain against

Very professional courtroom playback. Made a very big impact in our case.

The quality of this production company is the best we have ever used. They offer a wide range of services that will keep your entire project under the control of one provider. Excellent communication and feedback. Get your project scheduled early, because this company is so good it has a backlog

Truely impressive. The founder of Frogprintz Productions, Michael Young, offers a unique and refreshing approach to creative video projects. You've probably seen his work on TV, just don't recognize the name behind the talent. He's generous with his advice, even if he doesn't offer you a contract.

Best I've ever worked with. Prompt, creative, excellent results at reasonable price.

This photographer was rude, pushy, invasive, did not deliver what was agreed upon in the contract, and most importantly, our pictures were terrible. The only good ones were taken by his assisstant. It's obvious that he has had no training what so ever. Do yourself a favor and hire someone else.

Highly recommended. Extremely creative and outside the box thinkers. Especially the CEO Michael Young. Brilliant film work, editing, musicality , storyline. Wil definitly use again and again.

The quality of service of had gone from a 9 out of 10 at contract signing, to 0 out of 10 on delivery of products and services. Be warned!!!, if you do business with Ernie ( you might not get your pictures or album until a full year later, if not

This is a very professional company and their rates area great value for what you get. We got to the location 45 minutes before the start time and the videographer was already there set-up and ready to start. The videographer was very professional and the video equipment was very compact which

With videos from Corp Shorts up at our site we noticed a serious surge in web traffic and a lot of enthusiasm from our customers. Their people were very courteous, and they worked really closely with us to bring our ideas to life. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to add some great content

These guys are great. The service is prompt, and they are very helpful and very reasonably priced. We've had tapes dubbed and DVD dubs made. JJ Levine - Doc City Productions

Before using High Rank Websites my companies web site was invisible. Now we come up on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and MSN for the searches we wanted to show up for. My business is booming thanks to you. THANK YOU!

Hi mayne. how much is this cost tho.? per hour.? or what.? hit me back when ya got this. or email me at. thanks!

Do you have digital photography related questions? Do you fully understand your digital still or video camera? Are you confused.? Well help is here, Jared has been teaching people how to best use their digital cameras and your home on your schedule! He is easy to work with and

I strongly recommend Whitcomb video productions not only because of the quality service they are given but because of the wonderful heart and very kind owner of these productions. Even though i haven't meet them in person, i had experienced the quality of their service because of the video

These guys did a great job on my wedding video this year. We loved the way it turned out. My sister who got married back in the fall of 2007 still has yet to receive her video from Another Video Guy.ours was finished in 6 weeks. WOuld recommend these guys!

I've known the Mclane's for many years now, and they are down to earth and fun to be around. They also provide a fine finished product for you to enjoy.

Husband and wife team very friendly made our day special! Worked with us to make a specific budget and most of all the video was awesome!