Video Production Companies in Santa Monica, CA

Comprehensive list of Santa Monica, California based companies offering video production, editing and duplication services.

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EZTV was created in 1979 by the late filmmaker/writer/scholar John Dorr 1944-93 as a production firm and exhibition venue for feature-length works created on video, making EZTV clearly one of the world's 1st microcinemas. EZTV's history is rich in creative milestones, and we've been honored to have worked with several of the major artists, thinkers and producers in contemporary culture.

Motion City Films Demo Reel Update Our latest demo is available for your viewing pleasure. We pride ourselves on our capability to grab the latest technology, wrap our greasy mind around it, and wrestle it into submission. Motion City Films has created Interactive Press Kits, Enhanced CDs, Interactive Games, and complete web sites.

Reading transcripts to a jury can no longer be considered effective now that digital video, and huge format projection systems are available. Raised on film and television, today's juries are sophisticated and more visual. Video has the power to sway these juror's emotions far more than transcripts ever have.

Christopher Toussaint is an award-winning documentary film & video producer/manager, cameraman and editor. Currently he is President of Free Spirit Productions and the Director of Transvision in Santa Monica, California. Specializing in the manufacture of progressive, leading-edge new-paradigm media, Toussaint received the 2004 Roy W. Dean Film Grant for his documentary work-in-progress, The Secret

As a television firm with strong roots in documentary filmmaking, Langley Productions has had a history of transforming the ethos and aesthetics of so-called cinema verite into TV fare for a wider audience. That tradition continues today, with all of our TV programming being reality-based but driven by strong stories and characters.

Each episode of Good Bite makes delicious food easy, delivering accessible recipes and solutions for home cooks. The Good Bite website is focused on finding the very highest in food online and sharing it with users. We create high-quality, video-centric properties for new media audiences.

David Michael Weishaar in the editing suite. Sound With Motion 1st opened it's doors in January 2000, never guessing just how versatile a tiny digital video business could become. Today we are a complete service, all purpose audio and video production/post-production firm. Let Sound With Motion aid give your project an award winning look and sound.

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Their experience as audio engineers with L.A's busy and demanding music customers gave them a fresh approach when it came to providing video. Over the years their care to detail, cutting-edge technology and stellar service have won them many friends in the Production Industry. Now we're experts in all types of video encoding and compression as well as DVD design and authoring.