Video Production Companies in Las Cruces, NM

Comprehensive list of Las Cruces, New Mexico based companies offering video production, editing and duplication services.

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Coast Video Services uses only best quality professional tape/DVD/CD stock and duplicating/editing equipment. Whether you need one copy tonight, 20 copies tomorrow morning, or even 200 copies next week -- Coast Video Services is the video firm for you.

What It Takes, a weekly TV show PBS produced in association with Best Read Blind which explores what it takes to be a firefighter, SuperTruck driver, rock star, etc. We produced two documentaries together for PBS and CBS. Music Videos: Multi-cam live concerts with multi-track audio available or Lip-synced in a studio oron-location settings. Reference contacts available upon request.

  • Allegro is located in Florida but had to get a shoot done in Las Cruces. We were referred

This site is designed for: ANYONE who wants to WORK or SUPPLY the film industry and FILMMAKERS looking to make a film, hire crew, talent, find suppliers or address any other requirements related to making a film, commercial or TV production. We have created the free-to-view website with the end-user in mind.

Welcome to The Video Factory, New Mexico's one stop shop for all your video and digital requirements. Our goal is to supply video services that exceed our clients' expectations. This means having orders ready before the due date, capturing images with Broadcast cameras and editing on a Broadcast edit system to supply the truest colors, sharpest picture and finest sound possible.

Thunder Road Productions specializes in documentaries and multi-camera shoots with over forty years of combined knowledge in public and commercial television. TRP has received numerous international and national awards for excellence in film and video productions.

With over seventeen years knowledge in video production VideoWorks Productions specialize in producing broadcast-quality videos in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are very budget-minded and can work within the parameters given by our customers.

Gillingham Studios brings film quality video production to the Southwest area. The innovative and creative minds behind the graphic design, special effects, and sound design artfully present the video production using both digital and analog technology. As the Web has grown in popularity and complexity, consumers and content providers have demanded more dynamic Web sites and visual sophistication.