Experienced software trainer in the field of videography and Mac-based knowledge, seeks an opportunity within the realm of camera operations and post-production with a thriving company of individuals dedicated to a common goal.

Independent Contractor: San Jose, CA - 2010-2011
Used creativity to expand into the realm of documentary filmmaking, as well as involving
myself with weddings, and music videos. Strengthened communication and time management skills. Developed a stronger sense of humanism.
Creative, Apple: san jose, Ca - 2007-2010
Software trainer - Responsible for the training of clients pertaining to basic Mac knowledge, as well as professional applications. Developed “Genius” skills and was able to perform minor hardware repairs and modifications to various devices. Developed strong communication skills through exemplary customer service, and assisted with sales of the entire Mac product line. Strengthened teamwork, leadership, and troubleshooting skills.
MRB Productions, editor: Los Angeles, CA - 2006
Responsible for logging and capturing raw footage for a television pilot titled “Free Radio”. Utilized time management and troubleshooting skills.
United Cerebral Palsy (UCP), Patient assistant: Los Angeles, CA - 2006
Assisted with computer training. Helped patients with daily activities. Provided wheelchair assistance, feeding, and various other services.
Community Media Access Partnership (CMAP), Videographer/editor: Gilroy, ca - 2005
Responsible for filming local assignments and various government shoots. Edited and completed projects on schedule using Final Cut Pro. Interfaced with various community groups.

Brooks Institute of Film and Photography / Bachelor’s of Arts, 2005

Proficiency with software programs - Final Cut Pro / Express, as well as plug-in compression / encoding software, Adobe Photoshop, iLife Suite
Proficiency with 3CCD prosumer video cameras - DVX 100B / Panasonic 24P, Sony VX Series, Sony DSR-250, and Canon GL Series
Skilled in the art of lighting, sound, and film/video production
Professional level of knowledge in still photography
Proficiency with MS Office Suite / iWork Suite
Proficiency with Windows XP and Mac OS X

Key Skills

Videography, editing with Final Cut Pro / Express, Photoshop, LiveType, Microsoft Excel Suite / iWork Suite, Compression / Encoding Software.

Educational Details

Bachelor's Degree - Brooks Institute of Film and Photography.

Desired Salary

20.00 / Hour

Total Experience

5 years

Year of Birth

1973, male

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

David Parkison

Phone Number


City & State

San Jose, California

Zip Code


Street Address

2819 Broken Oak Ct.