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4x Huge Anvil Cases - Used

Was used for transporting and protecting large scanners. The case is strong and sturdy. Underneath the laminate the plywood is in good solid condition. The latches seal this case perfectly in the Anvil quality standard. Aluminum trim is intact and riveted. The case and lid is completely padded with protective quality high density foam. The foam has visible wear
around the top edges, rippling in the corner, and imprints from the equipment in the lid. Overall the foam is in good usable protective condition. This case was designed specifically for transporting large exspensive scanners but with alterations to the protective foam can be modified for your needs.

Also, it seems that the case can be used with equipment base in the shallow lid or the base in the deep side. Case is far from perfect. The laminate covering has flaws, stamped letters, cracks, and tears. Case weighs aproxatemately 142 lbs & measures 46 x 30 x 26 Clamp on lid. Lid completely detaches. Protective Steel Ball hardware on each corner of one side. Protective Steel Stacking Ball hardware on each corner of the flip side. 4 Recessed Twist Hook Latches, 2 on each side. 4 Recessed Handles, 2 on each end.

Four cases for $500. 00 or $150. 00 each
We will send more photos on request.



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Dec 8, 2010

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