We are dedicated to providing nationwide quality products at affordable prices. Our goal has been and always will be to assist the small business owner promote their business through a series of products; such as logo design, website design, commercials, radio, graphics, print ads and more.
Satisfaction is our number one goal and therefore we strive to provide the best quality media design services at the best price. We doubt you will find a company who will give the quality that we will for the low price we charge. Many companies and individuals say they can deliver a product and when it is too late the consumer discovers that the quality is substandard after spending too much money for the services rendered.

Here at Vortexual Dreams Production, you will find that we stand behind our services and do not promise something we can not deliver. In fact, if we feel that we can not deliver a service to you at a high quality we will tell you. Please be assured that our President and CEO - Leith Taylor is active in the process of design services and therefore if you have an issue it will be resolved. Our motto is "Where Dreams Become A Reality" and we mean it. If it can be envisioned then we can make it happen.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Television Commercials
  • Memorial Videos

Serviced Areas

  • Marion County, Hillsborough County, Alachua County, Orange County

Payment Options

  • American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, VISA, All Major Credit Cards Are Accepted

Contact Details

  City Ocala, FL
  Phone Number (352) 871-4308

From Our Website

Our company can create radio advertisements for use on radio for your next radio advertisement campaign, or for your next podcast. The need will dictate the exact type of service that is necessary so please contact us to inquire about how we can assist you with your next audio project. Our company also offers professional music recording for band demos or any project requiring audio recordings. In fact, we currently own a record label called Riff Mania Records that offers a variety of services for talented musicians.

Too often business professionals and educators find themselves speaking about topics that they are considered to be an expert about. However, many times, the trainer/educator would like to capture these trainings or seminars as digital videos or distribution on DVD, but do not have the resources to accomplish this task. We can assist in the capture of this event at very reasonable costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you with this process. The creation of this type of event will often involve the video and sound recording of the event that will be transferred to digital format or other media format as required by the trainer.

We can create a variety of custom graphics to meet your company's specific needs. These items can be 2D or 3D Graphic Creations, Business Logos, PowerPoint Presentations and other items as needed. We can create specialized 2D or 3D art for your next album cover, corporate layout or other design need. Please visit our portfolio page to see some examples of what we can do. We can create a business logo for your new business adventure or modify the logo you may already have. It is not uncommon for us to create logos as part of the markeiting design process.

Because every website is unique and requires different design strategies, please contact us to discuss your design needs. However, we can create all content needed for your web presence such as logos, business photos, business promotion or commercials for use on television or the web. Our services are affordable and since many new small businesses are working from a limited budget, we are a viable solution to get you up and running without excessive costs like our competitors. Contact a representative to see how we can help get your new or existing business up and running with new customers.

God Of Thunder Studios is a no nonsense media design company to meet the needs in today's competitive market. We offer a variety of services for audio, animation, video productions and can even create a company logo if needed. The reason God Of Thunder Studios is able to deliver a variety of services is due to over 20 years of experience developing graphic designs and video elements at a reasonable cost.

Chaotic Riffs Magazine is dedicated to providing audio interviews with some of your favorite bands and new emerging bands of today. Check out the website to listen to them now. Visit Chaotic Riffs Magazine to get your official gear.

Vortexual Dreams Production can create a custom 30 second commercial to be viewed on a cable, broadcast Network or website such as YouTube. Design and specifics of the commercials will be dependent on the individual needs of the company. Commercials vary from very simple to complex in nature depending on the desires of the contracting company as well as the target audience it is being recorded and produced for. Unlike having a cable company create the commercial for your business and maintain complete control of the production to be used only on their system, we give you a version that can be taken to any cable company or be used on your company website.

We understand the needs of today's struggling music artists. As a result, we provide an affordable solution for the development of music videos. All styles of music welcome. In most cases, Music Videos can be created for digital deliver YouTube, Vimeo, Social Media websites, etc. or DVD purposes without breaking the bank to represent your band's best talent.