About Black and Blue Productions If it will assist you to win, we currently have it! Black & Blue Productions consists of top personalities in the Martial Arts video business. Lee Barden,Senior Vice President and a 7th degree Blackbelt with over twenty five years in the Martial Arts, Chief Instructor of Karate Arts. Master Barden gives an exceptional and creative perspective to all he does for the firm.

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In the past, videos produced for the Martial Artist, Dance School, or other Businesses were either homemade or produced by companies that promised the world, charged the world, and delivered nothing. This process usually puts Business owners into huge and unnecessary debt. They end up never making a dime of profit from the videos for their schools or themselves. Black & Blue Video Production rates are mostly by the hour, so the Business owner is only charged for the actual time of the shoot and the edit.

Let Black & Blue Video Productions help you with your next video project. We are experienced in TV commercials, promotional videos, event productions, curriculum videos, instructional videos, and all aspects of Television Show productions. So don't pay too much for other companies that have little or no experience. With Black & Blue, you get all the experience of a professional video production company and professional Martial Artists. Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful days in your life, a day you dreamed of and have planned painstakingly for months.

Black and Blue Productions, Inc. has solutions for Martial Arts School owners to help grow their school! A great product is the Curriculum Video. This is a great extra source of income for the martial art school owner. It is also a great way for them to help their students learn at an accelerated rate. Moms and Dads are always asking the instructor, 'Do you have anything my son or daughter can take home to study?'. Until now, the school owner would have to say no or give them a homemade tape. Now you can have a professionally produced video series completed for less than most companies would charge you.

We offer all of our titles at wholesale cost to distributors and School owners. Our DVDs retail $24.95 to $59.95. We do have a few titles under that cost; they are our "Best of Series, " and they retail at $14.95 to $19.95 each. All minimums are calculated at the wholesale price. To obtain the minimum, you will need to purchase enough videos to reach that level. You do not have to purchase the minimum of just a single DVD; you can mix the order to arrive at the minimum. All Black and Blue Productions Labeled DVDs are available for wholesale.

It must be really annoying when the show you spent months preparing for finally arrives on video, only to find the camera operator missed all the best performances, the sound is terrible and you can't hear the music, the tap dances or what anybody is saying on stage! Black and Blue Productions, Inc provides video production services for dance schools, performance groups, live shows and stage events. At Black and Blue Productions, we have specialized for over 38 years, in filming and producing high quality DVDs for dance shows, stage performances and other live events.

Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful days in your life, a day you dreamed of and have planned painstakingly for months. We will create a video that shows those charming, touching and captivating moments of your special celebration. Black and Blue Productions must be book at least 60 days in advance of the expected wedding date or there will be an additional 15% service fee added to the final cost.

Many important meetings tend to fade from memory quickly. If it is important enough to meet about, it may be appropriate to keep a visual record of it. We have many years of experience producing meeting videos. It is more cost-effective to record a professional trainer once and then distribute the DVD or video via the cloud to all branch offices than it is to send the trainer around the country to train your employees or your employees around the country to the trainer. We have produced commercials and promos for all different kinds of businesses, both local and national.

Montage of scanned Photos put on DVD and edited with transitions and music: $3.00 per photo. We have produced commercials and promos for all different kinds of businesses, both local and national. The cost for your commercial is based on your needs and with a budget starting at only $250.00 for a basic 30 seconds to 2 minutes commercial/promo. This includes 3 hours of onsite video production and up to 5 hours of editing to complete the commercial. The next level commercial/promo production includes up to 5 hours of onsite video production at a maximum of two locations, and up to 12 hours of editing to complete the commercial/promo, and it is $550.00.