Sweetwater Video Services provides professional video production, DVD and CD duplication / replication, and transfers of VHS to DVD and home movie conversion. We edit video and audio, add special effects, and supply DVD authoring. Sweetwater Video Services uses only best quality, professional DVD/CD stock and duplicating/editing equipment.

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Slide Show, a video of your pictures put to music - There are two types of slide shows available, one can include pictures of the bride and groom growing up followed bythem dating, which includes friends and family. This is typically shown at the reception. A second could be based on the photographs taken at the wedding. The price is based on the number of pictures. Bride and Groom Interviews - These are scheduled no later than a month before the wedding. It covers how you met, how he proposed, and your thoughts about the upcoming wedding day.

After video taping is completed, the next step is to edit the raw footage into a professional, effective video program. We use a state-of-the-art editing system that gives us tremendous flexibility and spectacular special effects, voiceover's, and sound effects. Our specialty is making your video program look great. You can have your video put on DVD or a video file for use on your computer or posted to the WEB.

Put them in the order you think they should go and number them(1,2,3,.). In some cases you don't know what is on a particular reel however still number the video reel. I have helped customers by transferring the film in phase one, they take home a DVD and I title the reels on the DVD with the reel numbers. After review at home they provide me a list of the proper order of the reels, I edit the order and then create the final product. To determine how much film you have, use the image above and count the number of 3″, 5″, and/or 7″ reels you have.

Although there have been many studies about tape longevity and stability that have produced valuable information, there is no accurate way of estimating the life expectancy of a video tape. As you might expect, it varies greatly depending on the brand, the way the tape is handled and stored. Most video experts agree though the life span is between 8 to 12 years and they recommend transferring them into digital media within the first 5 years. However with all the best intentions, life happens. We are busy and often let our video tapes gather and collect dust.