Strategic Multimedia is a Sacramento based firm whose concept was developed by three trial attorneys who have spent their life's work in the courtroom. With well over 100 jury trials between them, they designed a business concept that would synergize a standard legal videography firm with modern technology, allowing for production of stunning multimedia that can overwhelm jurors, judges, arbitrators, mediators and opposing counsel.

Strategic Multimedia was built from the ground up, in the minds and eyes of three litigators, who designed a company with your end goal in mind - a successful verdict. Using several different mediums, the first project finished on the platform now employed by Strategic Multimedia, was an hour long interactive legal documentary in the case of Ritter v Rosewood Terrace.

The story of Ben Ritter was a shocking tale of elder abuse where plaintiff's counsel, Ed Dudensing, uncovered a case of severe abuse and a corporation's ensuing efforts to commit fraud to cover its tracks. During one deposition Mr. Dudensing was able to get the Director of Nurses to admit to the far reaching fraud. He approached Strategic Multimedia and wanted a detailed video that highlighted the complex paper trail and used the deposition testimony and exhibits to prove the corporation's involvement. The experiment turned out to be a big success.

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  City Sacramento, CA
  Zip Code 95814
  Address 805 16th St, Ste B
  Phone Number (916) 201-6540

Products & Services

Professional Legal Videography

Strategic Multimedia uses the most modern technology and most advanced editing systems to provide you cutting edge video of your depositions. The experts of Strategic Multimedia are notary publics and certified under the Code of Civil Procedure to film depositions in California. And, bottom line, we are complete professionals.

In addition to filming depositions, we make an array of legal videography such as:
-Day in the life video documentaries
-Site Visit / Site Inspections
-Recorded Wills

With phone, e-mail, or online scheduling and a management team that developed its business concept in consultation with three Sacramento trial attorneys, you will be sure that the process is simple, detailed, and reliable. Strategic Multimedia maintains the highest quality, professional-grade equipment and recognizes the need for flawless execution on the day of your deposition.

We do things the way YOU want them to be done and will work to ensure that the critical details you demand are covered. In the end you will have unbelievable picture and audio that you can use on your own or with Strategic Multimedia's litigation support team, which will leave you saying, Wow, you can do that?!

Professional Powerpoint Consulting

In the world of trials PowerPoint and Keynote are a way of life. Unfortunately, not all attorneys have the time, energy or know-how to make professional-grade presentations. The team at Strategic Multimedia are super-experts in both PowerPoint (PC) and Keynote (Mac) . From very basic, to the most complex you can conceptualize - your imagination is the only limitation.

In addition to consulting with you, or building the presentation entirely under your direction, Strategic Multimedia can assist you inside the courtroom with equipment needs. You will be set to go with the click of a remote. Trials are stressful enough without having to worry about whether your computer, audio, or video is going to work. Take advantage of Strategic's Litigation Support.

Strategic has projectors, screens, remotes, speakers, laptops and everything else you need to ensure the most professional, compelling presentations.

Professional Legal Documentaries

Strategic Multimedia uses the contemporary technology to bring your cases to life in dynamic fashion. We utilize several media platforms to create a compelling DVD / Blu-ray video presentation of your case - combining deposition video with text, photos, exhibits, audio, diagrams, charts and voice-over narration - all animated into one fluid presentation. Your imagination is our only limitation.

Imagine your opposing counsel sitting down his his/her client to view a step-by-step, persuasive movie that any layperson could watch and be convinced that your position will carry the day in court. Imagine being able to submit to your arbitrator a DVD that details the strength of your position by playing video clips from depositions synched with highlighted documents, photographs, and exhibits - all while your voice narrates. Strategic Multimedia makes it happen.

Customer Testimonials

Strategic is in a league of its own for litigation consulting in Sacramento. I use them for all my litigation needs, from video depositions to trial presentation and everything in between. Other people in this field are working off old PC's, and antiquated programs. Strategic gave me an iPad, a simple workflow, and great results.

Kevin is professional and always responsive, even at off hours and understands how when preparing for a trial or mediation, things will be needed in a rush and last minute.

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We'll help you run your trial director, but you should see what we can do with an iPad and a projector.
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Judge Roland Candee said, “ 'overwhelming' and 'devastatingly powerful' evidence in the trial in May supported the jury's verdict and damage awards."
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Congratulations to the Law Office of Ed Dudensing on a successful outcome in the case, Tanner v. Horizon West Healthcare, resulting in a record-breaking $28 million dollar verdict.
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