We concentrate on the development of a relationship with our clients, creating high end videos that stay lasting in the minds of their viewers. As the only full-service video production company and studio located in the Loop (downtown Chicago), we are able to offer our clients unparalleled convenience and service with their video production needs.

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  City Chicago, IL
  Zip Code 60602
  Address 180 W Washington St 12th Floor
  Phone Number (312) 648-6600

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Promotional Videos
Promote your company’s brand the modern way with an engaging video that communicates your business model and the services or products you offer.

Training Videos
Video productions that educate and inspire will hold your audience’s attention and make viewers want to learn more. Video is the new textbook!

Conference Videos
Promote your upcoming conference to attendees, create a kick-off video that sets the bar high, or produce an onsite wrap-up video for the last day.

Motion Graphics
Every brand needs a high-energy, impactful, and entertaining motion graphics video. Time flies when your customers are watching something fun!

Customer Testimonials

The creativity SolidLine has bought to the table so far has been wonderful. Our new spots will educate consumers, which is our goal, but will also be fun to watch. And that's the key to getting the message through.

I enjoyed my visit to the studio in Chicago and in participating in the production process. The staff/film crew knew what they were doing and did it with a calm professionalism that was very reassuring. The crew clearly had many years of experience and it was a lot of fun to watch them work so smoothly and efficiently.

From the beginning, SolidLine understood the vision of what we were trying to create, spent considerable time learning about patient safety, and became passionate about the cause. They were not only true partners in making this film but also became great friends to both of us and our families.

SolidLine Media has been a great partner to work with. They are very responsive to tight timelines and always willing to take the extra step beyond what is required.

We LOVE working with SolidLine! They are always great to work with, flexible to our needs, and produced outstanding videos for us with tremendous graphics.

Really enjoyed working with SLM and seeing what goes on behind the scenes after being in front of their cameras.
Highly recommended professional crew!

From Our Website

To learn more about our business video production services, pleasecall 312-648-6600 todayorcontact usonline for a free, no-obligation consultation with a SolidLine Media producer. We'll talk about your project, brainstorm ideas and develop a production quote for you. We look forward to the conversation. We are proud of the videos our creative team produces in-house. SolidLine is versatile and works with clients in many industries such as healthcare, transportation & logistics, and associations.

All your corporate video needs can be handled easily at SolidLine Media's video production facilities in downtown Chicago. Since 2001, our award-winning crew has created over 1,000 high-end HD corporate videos for many of America's leading organizations and associations headquartered in Chicagoland such as the American Hospital Association, National Council of State Boards of Nursing, and Americas' SAP Users' Group. We also produce outstanding videos that fit the budgets of small and medium-size companies.

In just one minute and twenty-seven seconds, you'll see fast cuts from dozens of HD videos as they move to the beat of a high-energy percussion sound track, showcasing the amazing talents of our crew. You'll enjoy our sweeping aerial sequences, innovative 3D animation, advanced motion graphics, location shoots and up-close-and-personal employee interviews. Advanced motion graphics are an integral part of many business films produced by SolidLine Media's corporate video services team. Motion graphics emphasize important points of the narrative in a fun, visual style that helps viewers retain the information.

When investing in a process for training your team, you need a method that engages, captures their attention and improves retention of new material. You need a learning method that's designed for promoting success among your audience, and ultimately for your business. Training videos are a tool that successful companies like yours are using to generate the result they're looking for when delivering teachable information to their teams. At SolidLine Media, we're masters of communication and engagement and can help you be the same.

Live streaming video content is a powerful form of marketing utilized by more than 80% of internet users to explore brands and make purchasing decisions. Consumers who watch live streams prefer live content over other social media content, and 67% of those who watch live streams end up purchasing tickets to similar events. That's a powerful conversion rate, one that our team at SolidLine Media wants to help our clients emulate by providing powerful streaming and video production tools through our SolidLive platform.

Our multi-step corporate video production process has been tested and proven on over 1,000 video productions for clients of all sizes in dozens of industries. Our process is our trusted road map. We follow it step by step, so we never lose our way, miss a deadline or go over-budget with your important corporate video production. It guides us through five steps of our pre-production stage, three steps of our production stage and the final three steps of post-production. Then, it's a wrap! If you are planning an important corporate video production for your company, please call 312-648-6600 today or contact us online for a free, no-obligation video consultation with a SolidLine Media producer.