High Quality, High Performance Video Production for your Business: Boost your bottom line with an attractive, high-quality video created specifically for your target audience. I will help you create an affordable video that will highlight your business offerings, attract more clients and make an impression on your target audience. Specializing in Video Production, marketing and Video SEO.

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Sedona Videos

Bruce Fraser has lived in Sedona for over 20 years. For the last decade, in his time as the Video Production Manager at local TV Station RRTV16 and as a Freelance Videographer, he has worked closely with hundreds of local businesses, couples & families throughout the Verde Valley to create captivating advertising commercials, video projects, online video marketing campaigns, memorable wedding videography, personal/family history videos and much more. His experience in various computer graphics systems like Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, SoundTrack Pro, Flash Video & Compressor make him a versatile Producer who can use his creativity and expertise to create impressive videos.

As a leader in online video marketing in the Verde Valley, Bruce has earned a reputation for his ability to create a strong online video marketing campaign for businesses, strategically marketing videos to gain social media exposure, more views on various video websites like YouTube, Veoh & MetaCafe, increased website traffic & SEO. He is a reputable Videographer, Editor, Producer & Writer who has been a part of creating many documentaries, local and regional commercials, corporate videos, training videos, TV shows & much more. He is reliable, trustworthy and professional, putting his clients at ease throughout the video production process.

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I will work with you to create a visually stunning, attractive video then I'll help you put your video to work in a strategic online marketing campaign. There are many different forms of advertising like television, billboards, etc. that reach a wide demographic of consumers that may or may not be interested in your offerings. A video search engine optimizationcampaign allows you to capitalize on people already interested in your product or service. They have arrived at your video through a keyword search or by visiting your website and now they see a top-quality video production highlighting your company.

So, you want to create a video, but you have no clue how to get started. You've got a few computer skills and you're confident you can pull it off. You think "how hard can it be?" Well, it can be tough because learning any new skill takes some time, usually because we make so many mistakes when learning something new. I will try to minimize your mistake making with this video editing post. The first thing you need to know about video editing is that it takes quite a bit time and can be quite laborious.