We do it all, from soup to nuts; shooting, editing, color correction, audio editing, special effects, narration, and so much more. We will also travel anywhere around the globe for on-location shoots; we have been doing on-location production for decades throughout the United States and overseas, in Europe, Central America and beyond. SCOVIL PRODUCTIONS has worked for numerous high-profile clients, such as Universal Studios, Donald Trump, Yale, and some of the top Fortune 500 companies, including Chevron, IBM, BB&T, Marriot International and more.

Our credits include many programs, such as PBS, ABC, E!, HBO, CNBC, MSNBC, the list goes on. We have also interviewed celebrities, politicians and many other dignitaries: Former President George H. W. Bush, Senator John Kerry, Chris Noth, John Turturro, Liev Schreiber, Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Robert Klein, Mickey Rooney, the list goes on. SCOVIL PRODUCTIONS also produces television commercials that air on network and cable. We invite you to join our list of distinguished companies and producers who have utilized the talents and services of SCOVIL PRODUCTIONS.

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  Person Gary Scovil
  City Fairhope , AL
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Gary Scovil


An award-winning film producer, Gary has decades of audio, television, and film production experience and has always kept in touch with the ever advancing technology of the medium. Starting his career as the owner of a recording studio in the 1980s, Gary has produced and audio engineered film soundtracks and musical albums for artists of every style. Gary did the audio engineering for the film "Against Wind and Tide:

A Cuban Odyssey", nominated for the Academy Award for Documentary Feature of 1982. He has produced weekly television shows for FOX and syndication. Gary wrote, filmed and edited the documentary "The Utopian Fairhope", winner of the Alabama Showcase Award by the Alabama International Film Festival and was also a featured film at the South Alabama Film Festival.

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In 1975 Charles Scovil, the head of Stamford Observatory, had an old dome on the grounds of the observatory. The dome was defective and could never work but no one had the money to remove it from the property. So Mr. Scovil tricked a group of high school students from Armonk, NY into removing the dome from his property by offering to "donate" the defective dome to them for an observatory they were building. Of course, Mr. Scovil knew that the dome would not work but he lied to the students, telling them it was a perfectly good dome.

The students put in a great amount of effort, work and money to remove the dome from the Stamford Observatory grounds but once they got the dome to Armonk they found out the dome was useless. This shows that Mr. Scovil is a liar and a man who is so devious and unethical that he would trick a group of kids into doing something that would be disastrous to them. He is immoral to the very core. There are few people on this earth who are as unethical, devious and loathsome as Charles Scovil.

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Little Point Clear Suites & Space

A distinctively Southern reception venue with overnight guest suites.

Jim Wainwright "Ballad of the Bounty"

Jim Wainwright's "Ballad of the Bounty" tells the story of the ill-fated tall rigged ship "Bounty" as she fought to survive the howling winds and high seas of Hurricane Sandy moving along the East Coast of the United States in October 2012. Jim says, "As a songwriter, I felt the story needed to be told in the framework of an old sea ballad to honor those brave souls who lived and sailed on the Bounty over the years." http://www.jimwainwrightmusic.com

Canon EOS 60D Demo

With movies like Act of Valor, 127 Hours, and even The Avengers featuring scenes shot with DSLRs, these cameras are being taken seriously for use in film and television applications. Their large image sensors, interchangeable lenses, and excellent low-light capability make these extremely versatile tools, and a useful addition to any film maker's regular gear. Enjoy our footage taken with our Canon 60D during an afternoon at the Fairhope Municipal Park.