RPR Studios offers digital video production services to organizations big and small! Services include:

Pre-production: Creative development including scriptwriting and storyboarding, location scouting, casting, shot listing and budgeting.

Production: Location or in studio productions. RPR has all the equipment and crew required for production. The company can staff large or small projects.

Post-Production: Has in-house editing, sound mixing and color correction capability. Additionally, RPR has a classically trained and experienced composer who can produce original scores as well as access to licensed sound effects and music.

Other: RPR works with three animators who can create various types of animation styles and motion graphics.

Whether you need a corporate video, website landing page video, an event documented, a scripted spot done for TV--We Produce. We Edit. We Deliver.

Serviced Areas

  • Upstate NY, New York, Western Massachusetts

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Business Representative

Chantalle Todd

Vice President & Senior Producer

Products & Services

Video Production

Whatever your video needs or budget, RPR can develop a video production that will be the answer. We use the same skills and knowledge set that allows us to produce theatrical films and apply them to our organizational media productions. This means regardless of the type of video or its purpose, the identified story will be told and the video and sound will be of the highest quality.

Post Production

RPR has complete Post-Production capabilities. We have editors on staff, can color correct, provide sound mixes, and have original music composed and recorded. Post-Production services can be included as part of a video production produced in its entirety by RPR or can be contracted separately.

Motion Graphics & Animation

One of the first areas we developed when the studio was founded was animation. On our theatrical side we have created numerous animated shorts for distribution on our own YouTube channels and through Frederator Networks, with whom we have a distribution agreement. This animation capability is available to our media clients. We can create fully animated corporate videos and/or develop all types of motion graphics.


RPR 2015 Demo Reel

2015 RPR Studios Demo Reel. Check out what we have to offer!

From Our Website

RPR Studios is a full service media production company located in the Albany NY Capital Region. Our media business is dedicated to providing high quality video to commercial and non-profit organizations of all sizes at costs that fit budgets. Since 2014, we have created hundreds of videos for numerous organizations. These range from television commercials to simple web videos. We can also provide crews and equipment for shoots or, if you have the footage, we have full postproduction services including music composition.

RPR is best known for storytelling and creating a high-quality sight and sound experience using all aspects of production at our disposal: creative messaging; live action shooting; animation; editing; graphics and motion; sound mixing; and music scoring including original compositions. Quality and storytelling are critical to us. Because our core full-time creative team has all of the skills mentioned, we are able to maintain control of both in every production. We know which contractors we can trust when we need to scale up on productions.

Awesome sound isn't just for action movies! Good clean sound design and correctly chosen music can turn a good video into a great one, and bad sound can make even the most visually stunning video somehow seem amateurish. Nothing ruins a good video like bad sound. However, oftentimes, when on a budget, one of the first things new clients ask is to reduce the cost of sound or music. In the first of our "Importance of Sound" blog post series, we will take a look into the importance of using the correct music in your video.

RPR has complete postproduction capabilities. We have editors on staff, can enhance and correct images, provide sound mixes, and have original music composed and recorded. In addition to handling RPR productions, postproduction services are available for hire for non-RPR projects. RPR has experienced editors who have worked on numerous projects. We employ the latest computers and Adobe Cloud software to combine all the different elements-footage, sound, music, graphics- that make up a final production.

Through our in-house resources and our relationships with CGI/VFX shops, RPR can provide the full gamut of motion graphics, CGI, and visual effects. We have in-house graphic design capability for creating logos, titles and other interesting visuals. If we need complex visual effects we have them generated by a VFX company that provides us with the footage and our editors add the layers to the production, so we have complete creative control of the final product. RPR has extensive experience producing animated videos, if that style of video fits your message better than live action.

Collaborative partnering is how we work. Our starting point is always meeting with you and your team to discuss what you want to accomplish. We'll provide ideas and then go back and forth until we have the concept down. Next is scripting and/or storyboarding. Only after you are excited about what we will be creating do we move to production. From the concepts discussed in the creative meeting, we will produce a script for review, comment and finalization. Following scripting, if the proposed video production is a narrative or animation, we will create a storyboard.