Production Services Arizona was started as an event producer on the first Fiesta Bowl and concerts with the likes of Oscar Peterson and Andy Kaufman, and recording artists such as Stephen Stills, Jackson Browne, and many others.

We're full service in that we provide all location or studio video services, webcasting, graphics, multimedia and 3D animation as well as event services and web design. Our belief is that a full services group can save you time and money. At least call us for some ideas and see how our Joey, Telly and Emmy award winning people can assist with your next promotional, marketing or training project.

We are driven by our need to provide superior customer service. Just look at our clients' feedback and see if we met our goal. Our clients depend on us to produce for them and we're available to meet their needs almost 24/7. Whether it's the broadcasting of a live surgery for a major medical group, a high speed camera project for a team of international employees or training groups of technicians for the world's largest nuclear company from France... they count on us to get it right, and they have repeatedly for many years and projects.

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  City Scottsdale, AZ
  Phone Number (602) 326-3302

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Video Production

Corporate video has been part of our roots since the 70's. High speed projects in MN, or high tech in MN and CT, Medical presentations and surgeries in AZ, CA, NM, UT, NV, Nuclear training, weapons ranges, drug busts, just about any subject you can think of has been on our list of activities. Need it on a DVD or the web? Not a problem. Secure servers, Again, we're here for you.

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If you need a video production company or web design company, I highly recommend Ron Boat and his crew. I’ve worked with them on many productions and have never been disappointed. Ron’s attention to detail and the ability to turn an idea into reality sets his company apart from the others.

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Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Love the site and concept of sub out for you guys to do uploading to carriers for international distribution.

I cannot recommend this company enough! They were very patient with us, working over the course of several years to develop our product, and then it of course became a rush job. Their recommendations were spot on and our materials were professional and well appointed! They are masterful at what they do! I would highly recommend their services! We are a remote lodge in Alaska and even with the distance they made us shine! The Lodge at Black Rapids! They put is on the map! We thank Production Services!

Ron Boat was very easy and accommodating to work with. The footage he shot for us looked great and exactly what we wanted! We will defiantly use him and his team again!

PSA has done a number of projects with me over the years. Ron and his team are always professional and collaborative. Great results every time!

Ron and the team at Production Services provided my company (ATMI) excellent service and support for multiple projects. Our needs spanned simple, internal training videos to high-production value marketing materials using high speed cameras and specialized photography. It is great to have a service provider that takes ownership as a “partner” and delivers on their promises of quality and professionalism. Production Services will help manage the overall process from start to finish and do it at a reasonable price. I highly recommend their services!

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From Our Website

Searching for professional, quality video production? It's all part of what we've been doing for nearly 50 years. Promote a new product or service. Reach out to employees or clients through a webcast. Build a library of videos to train new personnel or make that big splash at the next international trade show. These are all projects we've completed for many clients along with a lot more and we're here to provide you the same quality product with superiority in customer service. Simply; the oldest, continually operating and veteran owned production company in Arizona.

When you head out, you never know where you'll wind up when starting your business. You hope, you pray, you plan as best you can and then every day is a learning experience with some great people. We've worked with some of the best across this country. They made serving our clients fun, interesting and even adventurous. They worked hard, gave of themselves, contributed their creativity with care and concern for the client. We thank them all here. In nearly 50 years of production work, we've been in many locations, many situations with many great clients and team members.

While PS/A provides many services for our clients, video has always been one of the most interesting ones. From a golf course with Jack Nicklaus to the inside of a nuclear power plant to surgery suites, it's a medium that allows for creativity while carrying the message. In over nearly half a century of production work, we've completed a lot of projects, and putting them all here would be impossible - plus, a lot of what we do is proprietary to the client so, we're limited in what we can show. These will give a sample of some of our recent projects and the creative and technical ability of our editors in reaching the audience as the client intended.