Panoptic is a well established video production company serving the Cincinnati and other markets. To create exemplary video projects that further client aims using an efficient, effective and fun methodology.

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  City Cincinnati, OH
  Zip Code 45206
  Address 2303 Gilbert Ave, Ste 302
  Phone Number (513) 281-6500

Products & Services

Video Production

Video Production

Creating video these days can be as simple as a few taps on your phone. It can also be as sophisticated as Star Wars The Force Awakens. Superior video production comes from understanding composition, lighting, mood, and so much more. 25 years of experience is helpful.

Audio Production

Audio Production

Video (almost inevitably) has the critical component of audio. Narration, music beds, audio effects all work together to support the visual content of a scene. We use our knowledge and Protools HD system to generate the best possible soundtrack.

Video Editing

Video Editing

We strive to create a flow and feel that engages your audience and generates results. Knowing the rules and knowing when to break them is part of the creative process which is why the editorial process so often makes or breaks a project.

Customer Testimonials

Everyone absolutely LOVES our new video!!! It was a pleasure working with you, thank you for helping us learn about the video process!

Panoptic with Jim Prues has been a great resource for us creative, on time and reasonably priced. Highly recommended

Our clients have given us many complements for our company video and it has definitely helped us generate new business.

I’m a huge fan of Panoptic Media. I worked with Jim on a video about the youth environmental movement that turned out so good that it became an MTV special. Jim co-produced, shot, and cut the video. He’s an awesome collaborator and his work is excellent. I highly recommend him and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.


Panoptic Media Demo Reel - 2016

Here it is folks, the latest and greatest in Panoptic Media video and audio - mostly video.

Journey to Excellence

This high-concept piece was created for Western Southern Financial Group to inspire the sales force. It's dramatic visuals and evocative music make it difficult to ignore, which is how we like our work to be.

Ransohoff TT-180 Parts Cleaning System

CTG/Ransohoff's TT-180 is a powerful solution for cleaning parts before assembly or shipping. It features robotic part loading and unloading and a specialized robot that actually controls the spray nozzles, for unprecedented pin pointed cleaning.

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Okay small biz and marketing types - this article nails the need for good video for sales and future trends making video even more critical...
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Abolish the Electoral College @moveon
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From Our Website

Panoptic Media has been a fixture in the Cincinnati Video Production community for over 25 years. Started by Director/Director of Photography Jim Prues, Panoptic maintains a focus on creating exemplary projects and a fabulous customer experience. Here in the Creative Services field, there are limited situations where ‘apples to apples' comparisons apply. This means that potential customers like yourself need to dig a bit deeper to discern where they can find the best value. Fortunately, here at Panoptic Media we understand that there are almost limitless ways one can create a video these days, and the real test is to find what we call the "ROI Point" for a given project.

We offer a full range of pre-production services, from consulting on a project's viability and the best methodologies for completion to brainstorming and presenting options for the video's development and presentation. Research, creative, script-writing and project management can all be leveraged however you like. We've mentioned the challenge of using ‘apples to apples' comparisons with creative services. Here at Panoptic Media we focus on the ROI-Point, finding the best ways to create that will generate the greatest return on investment.

Video Title Ransohoff TT-180 Parts Cleaning System Client: Cleaning Technologies Group Project Brief Cleaning Technology Group subsidiary Ransohoff has a long history of manufacturing cleaning systems for industrial use. These cleaning systems are used to clean parts that have been through various processes. Video Title Hamilton Caster Academy Client: Hamilton Caster Project Brief Hamilton Caster has been a fixture in the Hamilton, Ohio community for over 100 years. They simply build casters - standard sizes, custom casters, whatever the industry demands.

The Panoptic Reel The 2018 Panoptic Demo Reel Client: Panoptic Project Brief Panoptic Media has over 25 years of experience, having been founded by Director Jim Prues way back in 1991. Since then we've done thousands of projects for hundreds of small and large companies, including Cintas, . Video Title Springer Podcast Promotion for Facebook Client: Liberal Always Win, LLC Project Brief For well over a year now, Panoptic Media president Jim Prues has been working with brother David Prues, CEO of Ambient Studios, to engineer and produce the Jerry Springer.

Video Title Connect - A New Ecological Paradigm Client:Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES) Project Brief Way back in 1996 Panoptic Media's president Jim Prues was invited to videotape a three day gathering of some of the world's most enlightened and passionate young environmentalists. Video Title Welcome to Amberley Village Ohio Client: Amberley Village Inc. Project Brief When Amberley Village wanted to highlight what a unique community it is, and encourage potential residents to check the village out, they engaged with Panoptic Media to tell their.