The NextThought video production team includes members with experience in Articulate 360 Storyline, online course video content, educational and instructional media, industrial and training media, commercial production, broadcast news, sports television, reality television, documentary film, narrative film, tourism promotion, event coverage and music video. This experience makes NextThought Studios an ideal partner in making the client’s vision a reality.

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  Person Max Bevan
  City Norman, OK
  Address 2701 E. Imhoff Rd.
  Phone Number (405) 673-5596

Business Representative

Max Bevan

Head of Video Business Development

Products & Services

Video Production

Video Production

Never settle for a video production company that can’t meet all of your needs. At NextThought Studios is the video production company that combines analytical and creative thinking to give you a whole-brain approach to your video needs, whether that’s

marketing content designed for viral sharing,
traditional commercial and TV spots or
internal educational videos and training videos for your staff.

Customer Testimonials

I can’t say enough good things about Max Bevan and the team at Next Thought Studios! They are doing some really cool things that honestly are not being offered by their competitors. Do NOT hesitate to use them!

I accidentally stumbled into NextThought when searching the internet to purchase a microphone. Providentially, I ended up speaking with Max Bevan from Next Thought about a video project I had in mind, and he talked me into coming into the studio to visit with his team about the project. By the time I finished meeting with them, I was already excited to see what they could do with it. In the end, The Game Plan video has helped me to condense a lot of information into a tight package that is delightful and fun to watch. I could not be more pleased with my experience!

Excellent customer service with amazing knowledge to help any business or association with marketing, e-learning, or online presence! Highly recommended!

The team at NextThought really knows what they are doing! They are professional, innovative, and work hard to meet individual needs and deadlines.

The attention to detail NextThought Studios puts in each project is second to none. With these guys, you not only get an outstanding, professional video package; you get a customer-centered experience you will never forget. They go above and beyond to not just create innovative, exciting media - they take the time to educate so you can make an informed decision. What's even cooler than getting an awesome marketing video for your company or organization??? Getting to see how it's made, and learning the tricks of the video production trade!

NextThought is one of those places you definitely need to check out in person! Very open work culture, collaboration stations, snacks, and so much more. These guys know what they are doing when it comes to education systems and video production. High-quality work!

This is an experience! The studio and team are top notch and will do everything they can to get the video perfect. Short or long, an ad or training - they can do it all. A great environment from brain storming to final product, excited is the only way to describe the way you will feel after working on a project with NextThought Studios!

NextThought Studios does some incredible work. Take a few minutes to watch their video about the science and art of creating informational videos. I'll be using the concepts in my next presentation!

There is a huge difference between videos and professional videos. These guys are pros and it shows in their work. A family member of mine works at the University of Oklahoma and also raves about their work.

Extremely fun and professional environment. Probably one of the best values in town for video production/animation.

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@GoldingGroup It was a great time! Thanks for the invite!
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Online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. #video #socialmedia
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A storyboard is a visual mock-up of the shoot, which looks similar to a cartoon strip when it is finished. #video
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From Our Website

NextThought is a leading professional video production company in the U.S. thanks to our talented team and state-of-the-art facilities. We're able to deliver the finish of professional video production to any project, from traditional 30-second TV ads to today's most important digital content for your marketing, training and more. NextThought aims to deliver a video experience that shows you at your best and provides the right message to the right audience at the right time. We believe our team of experts are best positioned to do that for you.

That's the amount of time you have to hook your audience and get them engaged, allowing the rest of your message to be received positively and enthusiastically. Those first seven seconds matter, and with NextThought Studios, they're always our best seven seconds. We're here to help you build a holistic campaign that operates in conjunction with your paid media, social and search efforts and your digital sharing. Let's target your core customer together for the best multi-channel strategy for a brand of your size and success.

Post-production video editing takes good videos and turns them into great video experiences. At NextThought Studios, our team of talented editors and artists does just that, fine-tuning your filmed content with in-house post-production editing. Post-production video editing is where we're able to give you that movie magic that cleans up rough patches and smooths over transitions for a video that looks right out of Hollywood. At NextThought Studios in Norman, Oklahoma, our staff consists of the best post-production professionals.

That's the core question every marketing video production agency should aim to answer. It's also why our approach at NextThought Studios has always been to achieve multiple marketing goals specific to your audience and their interests. We provide more than just marketing video production services - we actively help you build content designed to meet your metrics and grow your revenue sheet thanks to smart, sophisticated targeting. A good foundation is the first step to making a quality marketing video.

Storytelling is a fine art, and nowhere is that more on display than in today's documentary films. At NextThought Studios, we deliver a crystal-clear picture of the problem you're highlighting and give you the best platform to inform your audience about the solution. Your documentary must feel authentic to create resonance with your audience. Because of this personal focus in documentary filmmaking, NextThought Studios works with each documentary filmmaker to understand who they are and why they're passionate about their particular issue.