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New Focus Films is a Cinematic Marketing video production company creating compelling, story-driven business films. We specialize in startup videos, crowdfunding videos and films for businesses that inspire us.

A message from founder, Matt Abraxas, during a moment of downtime while on a shoot in Belize:

"First and foremost, I'm an artist. As an artist, it is my core intent to creatively convey a message. Without an audience, there is no communication. Video marketing is not about great story-telling so much as it is about whom you're telling the story to.

For several years, I've been entrenched in the world of online marketing. Marketing is not selling, it's about positioning and leaving the potential client with a no-brainer decision to buy from you.

New Focus Films is the culmination of exceptional creativity and demographic-targeted marketing.

So, why StartUp Crowdfunding specifically? Why not just any business that needs to use video?

While we still work with many clients who are not startups or even crowdfunding, our expertise is with those businesses who are passionate about what they're creating and are ready to raise capital to make it happen.

My goals are lofty. I aim to be nominated for an Oscar within the next 10 years, and part of this plan depends heavily on making a huge impact with how well we help new, exciting businesses. When we work with you, I need you to massively succeed."

~Matt Abraxas
July 1st, 2016, San Ignacio, Belize (here on a shoot)


-Video Marketing Production-
How Will Your Message Stand Out In This Noisy World?

You have a great idea, but how will it cut through the noise and connect with the people who will help make it happen? How will you connect with the crowd that will fund your dream or the angel investors who will back your strategy?

A video on Kickstarter has a 114% improved chance of funding. This is because people don't want to read about your idea when they can be shown through video.

Any video won't do. People buy from people. Telling your story with a 2D animation is boring it's overdone and anything overdone on the internet becomes a blind spot.

We make your message stand out! Through true cinematic marketing: live actors, narrators, and compelling footage creating an emotional connection that gets your IDEA in front of CUSTOMERS and FUNDERS!


"I am a business owner - not a performer - but Matt made us feel very at ease throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Matt and New Focus Films to produce your video!" - Susan Bateman, CMIT Solutions


The 7 Benefits You Receive From Our Cinematic Marketing

1. You Get Your Message Out in a Share-able, Relatable Way. Video is crucial to social networks and websites. Video makes up 69% of all online marketing.

2. You get TWO Videos for the Price of One. Whenever we make a video, we look for ways to resource our production time to give you more value. If we make a business video, we create a short version for more advertising options, or if we make a crowdfunding video, we create one version that focuses on the community support and another commercial version that can still be used after you've successfully funded.

3. Video Views Validate Your Marketing Message. When people identify with your video and share it, that excitement lends to your company's proof of concept.

4. You Stand Out In Your Market. Others in your niche are either not using video yet, or they're not using video well. We tell your story in the most compelling way possible.

5. Social Media Stronghold. In the social media marketing arena, a picture is worth a thousand words. Any idea what a video is worth? Video is the most share-worthy, engaging investment for your marketing portfolio.

6. You Get the Reward of Search Engine Optimization. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is improved with video. Your website will raise the ranks of Google for your specific search terms.

7. You Connect With Your Audience. Through our cinematic marketing, your message will connect with your target demographic, getting the most funding possible.


"Great Guy. Great Company. Great Experience. Extraordinary Final Product!" - Glenn Hattem, Get It Back University


The Best Technology Has To Offer.
New Focus Films works with leading-edge technology and the highest quality affordable to each project. We utilize the latest marketing tools, doing whatever necessary to best reach your target audience.

Every Project Is Unique.
We customize each project specific to our client's needs. Whether it's building out a specific team, implementing the latest video technology or getting the impossible shot, we can do it.

No Matter What Your Needs, We Have Options

Option 1 The Oscars Package

You need a lot of videos, but you're not ready to fund a full video marketing department. With several aspects of your business that can and should be promoted, the need for multiple videos is obvious.

The Oscars Package includes:
Videos at the lowest cost
We are available to you for a full year
2 Videos straight away and more each month thereafter, from 6 to 52 videos overall, depending on complexity of the production we layout a plan for the full year to accomplish the most possible content
Unlimited Revisions per Video during the year in contract
Ongoing Marketing Assistance
Crowdfunding Assistance before and during campaign

Option 2 The Hollywood Package

You're going to need more than one video, whether you're planning now on a strategic advertising plan or your company has more than one facet to promote.

The Hollywood Package includes:
6 Videos (more cost effective than one video at a time)
Diverse advertising and more strategic marketing
2 Revisions per Video
Marketing Assistance on each video

Option 3 The Independent Film Package

You just need a video. It's time to launch a new marketing plan or a crowdfunding campaign and you need to get the message out there.

The Independent Film Package includes:
Video (with Bonus Alternate Video)
2 Revisions
Marketing Assistance

Each of our videos includes a market analysis so we know the perfect story to tell. We invest our time up front so as to get the best possible outcome.

Baseline Pricing -
The Oscars Package - starts at $4,997 per month
The Hollywood Package starts at $20,997 (6 videos for $3,500 about $9,000 savings)
The Independent Film Package starts at $4,997

You Only Need One Video, But How Much Is One Video?

Option #1 The Legendary Package
Pulling out all the stops.

This package may include 3D Animation, Aerial Filming, Underwater Filming, Multiple Locations, Professional Actors.
Marketing Analysis
Scripting and Storyboard
Multiple Actors and/or Voice-Over
4 Revisions
2 Bonus Videos for varied length and messaging
Marketing Management

Option #2 The Blockbuster Package
A compelling web commercial.

This package may include any of the items from the Legendary Package, but on a smaller scale.
Marketing Analysis
Scripting and Storyboard
Multiple Actors and/or Voice-Over
3 Revisions
1 Bonus Videos for varied length and messaging
Marketing Management

Option #3 The Premiere Package
An exceptional promotional video.

This package is the straight-forward corporate or crowdfunding commercial, but it's much better than just about everything else you've seen online.
Marketing Analysis
Scripting and Storyboard
Multiple Actors and/or Voice-Over
2 Revisions
Marketing Management

Do you know exactly what type of video marketing plan your company needs?

Our aim is to get you what you need and that may not be the biggest ticket item. Like I said before, my goals are leveraged on your success, so we want what is the most advantageous strategy for your company.

So, read on to understand more clearly what each Option offers-

Option #1 - The Legendary Package

You've seen the Super Bowl commercials, right? Those amazing advertising moments that do more than sell their product, they become part of our culture. The Legendary Package is the highest aim of marketing and entertainment.

If your commercial requires a helicopter unloading chimpanzee ninjas or a yaght full of bikini-clad trophies, this is the package for you. This is the commercial that proves without a doubt how deeply invested you are.

We offer 4 Bonus Videos with this that can be used in different platforms: a 15 second version and a 30 second version for pre-roll advertising (the short, targeted videos that play anywhere online before the video someone wants to watch), a version for Facebook that starts off getting attention even though it begins on mute, and a longer, Director's Cut version that alternately plays once the initial video gains traction.

There are many possibilities within just one video production, depending on your marketing strategy.

Other variations are for messaging. Examples here include your initial video promotion that is more general, and then the next 3 videos narrow your marketing focus on a more specific demographic. You may need different videos for different types of investors or clientele.

Other variations can include a series of videos that build up an ongoing story, playing out an any number of social marketing or advertising space.

The Legendary Package starts at $14,997. The full cost depends on exactly what we determine is needed to best get your company to the level of attention desired.

Option #2 - The Blockbuster Package

To tell the appropriate story, your commercial requires one or two actors and specific locations (that don't require permits). It may require a little bit of animation.

The Blockbuster Package has all the professionalism of the Legendary Pacakge but without the need for over-the-top theatrics.

The Blockbuster Package may include aerial footage or other unique types of shots, but just not much.

We offer a Bonus Videos to cover the following possibilities:
While you have a video for Crowdfunding promotion, you'll want an extra video that stands alone as a commercial something that can be used once you've reached your funding goals.
Have you ever seen a great commercial and later saw a shortened version too? This is where a bonus video comes in: you can have an alternate length to build even more brand-awareness.

Multiple lengths or versions can be leveraged on different marketing platforms. Variations in the marketing messages benefit a wider spread of demographic reach, such as Angel Investors vs Venture Capitalists, or even Male vs Female.

Option #1 - The Premiere Package

When you just need a great video to get your company to the next level.

Telling your story may not require scripted actors or complicated aerial footage, but it still needs to represent your professionalism.

With the Premiere Package, we film 2-3 spokespersons from your company, 3-4 testimonials from happy clients and include our high-standard cinematic footage of your office or a specific location that helps tell the appropriate story.

We film these in a documentary style approach with an outlined messaging, but keep the actual content candid and authentic. If you're not sure about beign on camera, our On-Camera-Coach can work with you directly to discover your inner spotlight-hog, and in no time, you'll be eager for your next video interview.

The Premiere Package includes a Bonus thank-you or Testimonial video.

Thank You Video: When your crowdfunding campaign is going well or the venture capitalist has expressed interest in your company, you'll want to post a heart-felt thank youvideo.

Testimonial Video: When we interview happy customers of your business, we'll create an extra video of the best testimonial that you can use separately.

""Matt was extremely easy to work with and very professional. Almost more importantly, he returned my calls and emails right away." - Scott Tibbits, Katasi

To begin working with New Focus Films, learn more about the company at
and then call 844-FILM-PRO (345-6776) to speak directly to Matt Abraxas

Matt can also be reached at

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Business Representative

Matt Abraxas

Video Producer

Matt Abraxas is the founder of New Focus Films. As a fine artist of many years, Matt brings a creative eye to the video marketing industry.

With several years experience in online marketing and a constant passion for filmmaking, Matt Abraxas has created New Focus Films as not only a remarkable video marketing company, but a production studio with a keen understanding for how the message of a business must relate to the target demographic.

Matt Abraxas lives in Colorado with his wife, Rebecca Abraxas, and their two sons, Zorba and Rainer.

Customer Testimonials

Great Guy. Great Company. Great Experience. Extraordinary Final Product!

Matt made two promotional videos for my books. His natural creativity, experience, commitment to quality and attention to details are evident in these short clips as in everything he does (he has worked for me for years as illustrator, garnering international praise). He is also very flexible and accommodating, allowing for a pleasant and comfortable experience even during stressful times.

I am a business owner - not a performer - but Matt made us feel very at ease throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Matt and New Focus Films to produce your video!

I began working with New Focus Films because I wanted to do video work for my business, and I knew it was important, but I was too lost to confidently get started.

Matt helped me quickly clarify what exact message is most important that I convey to my audience, and then draft out video topics that contextualize this message and convey my expertise. This was the exact type of assistance that I needed to move from my video production from stagnation into action.

Working with Matt and New Focus helped me understand what message I need to convey, feel confident in how to convey it, and move from inaction into action.


Startup Crowdfunding Video Production by New Focus Films

Startup Crowdfunding Video Production by New Focus Films
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New Focus Films is a video marketing agency servicing StartUps, CrowdFunding and a variety of other great businesses.

As video marketing gains importance, it's fun to see some numbers proving it.

StartUp Video Cinematic Marketing from New Focus Films

StartUps - Promote your story through Cinematic Marketing

New Focus Films is a video marketing company who specializes in advertising StartUps and CrowdFunding.

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