We help businesses properly budget for, produce (planning, scripting, storyboarding and editing) and expose online video production for marketing, advertising, shaping social media perception, SEO keyword optimization and YouTube distribution. We believe that video production is the most powerful online marketing medium to generate leads because it has the power to communicate WHO you are and thus HOW your company can help your customers.

MultiVision Digital provides both smaller businesses marketing video production with limited budget and corporate video production for larger businesses who are eager to include online video into their long-term marketing plan. Call us today for a no obligation discussion around your goals and communication objectives. Just like 10 years ago it was essential to have a website... today it's essential to have online video. Get an advantage on your competition and stay ahead of the marketing curve.

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  • Online Video Marketing For Business!

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  • New York City Metro - Philadelphia to CT

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  Person Robert Weiss
  City New York, NY
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  Address 258 St. Nicholas Ave, Ste 2B
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Robert Weiss


Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital, has over 14 + year background in Internet marketing and sales processes tactics. Our company is a digital marketing company focused on web video production and website video marketing that specializes in developing and executing video content marketing strategies to increase sales, lead generation, and client loyalty. MultiVision Digital's video content marketing services include concept and budget planning, producing (planning, scripting, storyboarding, talent and editing) and YouTube optimization services.

Products & Services

What we provide:

MultiVision Digital has a singular vested focus when it comes to creating and marketing your online video production to help your business grow! Our talented team of professionals will create a cost effective tactical plan that supports reaching your business goals. MultiVision Video Productions offers the following professional online video production and marketing services to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Videos For Any Business

■ Download our series on "5 Videos For Any Business" absolutely FREE!
■ Video reaches out, informs and builds trust with your customers quicker, easier and more effectively than any other marketing medium.

Online web video advertising and corporate online marketing with video production has quickly become the "must have" advertising, marketing and communications tool for businesses in NJ (New Jersey) and NYC (New York City) of all kinds. No other marketing medium connects with busy business people as effectively as corporate marketing video production. This online video production is unique in its ability to attract, captivate and engage customers, thus increasing lead conversions of casual browsers into paying customers in some cases increasing conversions by 52%! *.

Customer Testimonials

The team at MultiVision Digital was incredibly enthusiastic and easy to work with. The entire process from concept to final edit was a breeze and I couldn't be more relieved and happy with how our video turned out. We have been able to use their video content multiple times across all of our digital platforms, and have noticed a great jump in our membership sign ups since the videos went live. We are so glad we chose to make this investment as it has paid off in far greater ways than we could have even anticipated. Looking forward to capturing our business and community on film again in the near future, for further growth. Thank you, MultiVision!

I have been working w/Robert and his team as an execution and strategic resource for over 2 years. Aside from the final output of clean and professional video, his team understands the broader business implications. They are a source of expertise on the set for our clients, coaching the talent on how to look and speak their best.

Consummate pros. Multivision quickly assesses what you want to accomplish and bursts with ideas on getting it done. They are top at coaxing the best "performance" out of their subjects.

MultiVision produced FitLinxx’s most recent promotion video. They did an excellent job for us, and were extremely easy to work with during the planning, filming and post-production phases of the project. From our first conversation they worked hard to become experts on our products, ensuring the video would tell the best story to help us attract new business. We are extremely happy with the final product and would highly recommend them to any business in need of a marketing or promotional video.

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From Our Website

Video should work cohesively with your business goals so that your investment directly supports those objectives. One video is not a video marketing strategy and most businesses will create a wide array of video content. Having produced over 900 business videos since our inception, our clients have come to rely on us to give them everything they need to get the most ROI from their investment in video content marketing services. From strategic guidance, cost-effective video production thru to thoughtful video marketing services to reach their lead & sales objectives.

Our mission from day one was to fill the gap in the NY video production company marketplace - "To provide quality video production services to business people that did not break the bank which allowed them to invest in different types of corporate video marketing content multiple times a year." So we set out on our journey in 2011 with a background of sales and marketing and a vision that marketing with video content was going to play a key role in buying behavior. And today our value proposition remains the same as it will tomorrow.

Getting qualified prospects to watch your video production is one of the most important aspects in a sound business video content marketing strategy. Not only are we experts at video strategy and video production services, but we excel at how to market and distribute your video. Which means we can help you get the most out of your business video production investment towards the goals that you are looking to achieve. With a Video 1st Strategy™, your investment in marketing video production can be leveraged into some of your other content marketing needs.

Turn-key professional video production services that includes full team of professional resources - everything you need from the production skills to the marketing skills to the technical skill sets to deliver the final video product. Having produced over 800 business videos since our inception in 2011, we've created business video marketing communications for every business objective from solo-entrepreneurs to global Fortune 500 companies across almost every industry. While each production day brings a different mix of camera, equipment and personnel; our goal is to amortize the upfront cost of corporate video production and deliver the largest amount of usable content as possible for each shoot.

When a website has an animated explainer promotional video, the website is proven to convert leads at a higher rate because the animated explainer video engages and explains hard to understand concepts. So if getting people to understand what you offer is germane to making sales and converting leads, then adding a business animated explainer video to your lead generation and sales process might be a good idea. Animated marketing videos are a very effective tool for lead generation and conversion marketing as they can clearly explain what your company, product or service is all about in a highly engaging manner.