Miami Video Production Company. We create broadcast commercials, branded content, marketing videos and all other forms of digital media designed to capture audiences, enhance branding and offer a modern video production company for your projects. All in all "We capture moving images and connect them to brands."

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  City Hollywood, FL
  Zip Code 33020
  Address 2100 Van Buren St
  Phone Number (561) 926-3679
  Mobile 15617153432

Products & Services

Video Production

From full (back to front) Miami production services with our own Director and Cinematographer options - to - acting as the Miami production company and coordinator for visiting directors, other production houses and agencies - to - camera crew services, and local producer services. If you have a the vision for a commercial production, social media spot, marketing film, or music video let us help you make that vision come to a reality with our experience, contacts, and top end production services.

Turnkey Production

Our turnkey production services are best suited for clients that need immediate assistance and have a short production. Our team members are ready to go at a moments notice to provide you the full scope of whatever you require. We’re capable of mobilizing and getting to work as soon as you need us. Other production houses require time and resources to assemble a proper team to put behind your project. Thanks to our deep rooted network here in Miami, we’re able to assemble a team of veteran production team members that are well versed in the production process. They’re always ready to undertake a new project, so you can rest assured that an MU2 turnkey production team is sure to be at the ready when you need them.

Social Activity

I just added Anamorphic Comparison - Alexa to alexa on #Vimeo:
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Check out this cool Case study we directed with the Alma Ad agency. DIRECTORS = Martin and Oscar
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1st shoot with our RED DRAGON #MILO #RED #DRAGON #REDDRAGON #REDCAMERA #DP #Skynetisselfaware #innoutshoots
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Prep day for a 3 Day #PhantomFlex shoot in #Philadelphia #phantomtech #HawkLenses - Check out the Hawk Zoom's a beauty
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#Phantomflex shoot for the @BBC w/ #richardhammond #highspeed #phantom #slowmo 10,000 #FPS
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#Reddragon #kowa #anamorphic #movi at #ultra #wmc - 2 Day for shoot for DJ Alesso -
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MU2's digital content piece for Personal Music won the Sol de Plata and Bronze for Best Idea 2015 Award from Circulo Creativo Hispanic Ad agency: Alma Ad Directed by Martin & Oscar
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Director of Photography - #DP COMMERCIAL #setlife
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From Our Website

As a Top Creative Agency and Miami Production Company, MU2 Productions was established in 2009. MU2 concentrates on the development of highly crafted media products and production services. Products include digital content, commercials, music videos, corporate, social media campaigns, and docu-style marketing. MU2 can be hired as a full-service Miami production company or provide specific services like gear rentals or crews for any project needs. With hands-on experience in every detail of the technical and creative aspects of production, MU2 works hand in hand with brands, artists, agencies and other production companies providing concept development, pre-production, filming, and post-production.