Bring MG Multimedia your most basic or most inspired video concepts and we will bring them to life with the most modern video production and post-production tools and services.

Whether you need video editing services, on-location or studio shoots in the Baltimore/ DC metro area, DVD authoring, graphics development, DVD/ CD duplication, audio recording and editing, encoding for the web, or any other video production or editing services, we forge a strong connection between your message and your audience.

We are skilled in creating media to tell a story, motivate an audience, convey an emotion, train an organization, illustrate a process or captivate a group. We guide you through the whole production process to develop a compelling product that will satisfy both your goals and your budget.

We're located in Annapolis MD, with over 25 years of solid, creative, professional experience. We complete projects on time, on budget and on target.

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Why are Film and DVD Video Editing so Important?

The significance of DVD video editing and film editing cannot be overstated. If you've ever worked on a movie or a video, you'll find that this is the stage of production where the project really starts to come together. After you finish the on-set filming and everything, you may look at all your footage and well, it won't exactly feel like a movie, rather, it'll feel like. a bunch of footage.

When you put everything together with editing, this is when you really start to see the initial concept take concrete form. It can actually be quite exciting, as this is when the idea isn't just an idea anymore, it's something that's really coming to life before your eyes. Sorry to wax poetic, but it's true!

Editing is one of the most exciting and satisfying stages of production, because this is when you don't just have a bunch of ideas and footage, this is when you actually have a video or a movie on your hands!


Do You Need Professional Multimedia Creation Services

A lot of people might wonder, why bother with expert multimedia creation services? How hard is it to pick up a camera? If you have the equipment and the know-how, not to mention, the free time, the do-it-yourself ethic can do just fine. However, for most of us, enlisting the aid of a professional can be of great help.

Getting help from people who know how to film, how to edit, how to make good audio, how to duplicate DVDs, all on a professional level, can be of great service no matter what you're needs. Creating video, film and audio can be incredibly time consuming. The average TV commercial production shoots for several days to come up with just a thirty second ad.


After the long process of production, video authoring a DVD can be messy and time consuming. Hiring on an expert to assist with video authoring is a great way to reduce headaches and save time. Arranging a DVD with menus and making sure that it plays properly needs skill and patience, as well as the right hardware and software.

There are a lot of reasons you might want to enlist professional help in authoring a DVD. Even if not for commercial or professional purposes, some people like having their home videos and family albums arranged into an easy to access digital format so as to better preserve the originals.

Beyond personal reasons, though, a expert looking, easy to navigate DVD menu is, well, just better for the DVD's user. And that's not just for the fact that it reflects positively on the DVD's creators, but because it's always a headache to not be able to watch your DVD because you can't figure it out!