Market Share Video was created 3 years ago, specifically to meet the growing need for business videos: because today even small companies have access to targeted, high-quality video available to be seen by clients and potential customers nationwide even world wide. Prior to the web, broadcast was the only (very expensive) way to reach large audiences.

Basically, video breaks down on into three areas - Pre-Production (where the thinking and planning takes place), Production ( the actual filming), and Post-Production (where we edit the recorded footage, and add sound and motion graphics). We work with you to check those boxes, on time and on your schedule.

Whether its for a 7 second banner or a 10 minute corporate video, if you know what you need and have a script, we'll make sure that you get the film you need, but if you need us to, we will imagine, write, film, edit and produce that video, for the web or for broadcast underwritten by years of experience in advertising, marketing and video production. Either way, you can be sure that every step of the way, from our first contact to the final video, we will go the extra mile to help you reach your targets. Our passion is our craft.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • True creativity, attention to detail, highly professional

Serviced Areas

  • Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Miami

Payment Options

  • Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, Company Checks

Contact Details

  Person David Newton-Dunn
  City Pennington, NJ
  Zip Code 08534
  Address 130 Treymore Court
  Phone Number (609) 436-0288
  Mobile (917) 922-2655

Business Representative

David Newton-Dunn

Founder and CEO

An all round video specialist with over 30 years experience in all aspects of video production, including creating, scripting, lighting, directing, filming, NLE editing and producing motion graphics.
Originally from London, England, David worked for Benton & Bowles advertising agency before moving to Paris to work as a freelance photographer for the Institute of French Architecture and the George Pompidou Centre where he started a visual effects company called Images Press'es using photography, video and computer graphics to create special effects and animated titling sequences for advertising & television. High-end photo-shoots, corporate videos, animatics and linear editing followed with Ex Machina and Centreville Television, Paris premier video Post-Production facility.
He moved permanently to the USA in 2007.

Products & Services

Video production, video editing and motion graphics

from $1000 for 30 secs, $3000 for 2 mins
Video production, video editing and motion graphics

There are so many kinds of video - advertising, testimonial, documentary, corporate, sales, training etc etc: the function will define the form.
For example, even cell phones can take good video, with the shakiness lending a sense of immediacy. But there is only so much a phone can do because most videos need more than that.
Such as creativity, experience, technical expertise and yes, real video cameras. In fact you need a lot of equipment to be a full service corporate video producer. High resolutions cameras, fluid-head tripods, color variable LED lights, tungsten spots, soft boxes, repeatable motorized sliders, jibs and tele-prompter etc.
We have all that, in house. Including a motion graphics and 2 bay color-grading and editing facility.
Which basically means we can hit the ground running.


Helen Yarmak

Helen Yarmak Fashion Show sept 2015

Zac Posen interview

Zac Posen interview at Coterie

Market Share Videos help to SELL

The magic of video - not complicated, but the addition of motion graphics makes any video more interesting. Thats what we do at Market Share Video. Video production, motion graphics and commercial photography

Market Share Video - compilation

This is basically a compilation of clips from videos we have produced or shot over the last year or so. Its what we do - video production, motion graphics and commercial photography. There will be a new one coming soon..

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