WHY CHOOSE US? Sure, there are many options when it comes to NJ/NY video production studios. But when you choose Lucky 8 Films, you're benefitting from years of experience in producing videos that not only have the highest production values, but also clearly communicate your message to your target audience. We don't generate videos simply to "stroke our artistic egos." Our directors, editors, animators, staff, and crew won't be happy unless we create a practical-yet-inventive finished product that exceeds your expectations. At Lucky 8 Films, you're the reason we're in business doing what we love - so we aren't satisfied until you are!

We have the personnel to assist you no matter what your needs may be. Our storyboard artists can take a vague concept and help bring it to life visually almost like magic! Our directors have the skills and experience to provide the precise blend of visual elements that will make your video effective, informative, and engaging. The flexibility and efficiency of our Lucky 8 Films crewmembers will help keep your project on time and on budget. And our editors and animators are experts in all facets of post-production, so they can put the perfect finishing touches on your video to make it uniquely yours.

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  • Full Service Video Production Company!

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  City Highland Park, NJ
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Services that we provide:

Services that we provide:

Corporate Video Production
Storyboard Development
On Location Shooting
In-House Studio
Green Screen
3D Animation / Design and more

These days, anything less than high-definition video is considered low-budget and obsolete. That's why Lucky 8 Films specializes in HD video production and has garnered a reputation as one of the top companies in its industry in New Jersey and New York. Not only do we use the highest quality HD 4K cameras available, but our expertise in sound recording, lighting, and video editing help us create a finished product that will engage, inform, and entertain viewers. Clients have utilized our HD production projects for broadcast television commercials, DVD or Blu-ray presentations, or viral Internet videos.

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Video is the place where brand positioning and audience engagement meet. You can say more with video than you can with images or text alone - it gives your audience a living and moving look into your brand.

There are a lot of companies that can create content, however, they often generate low-quality, one-size-fits-all videos that will not get your brand noticed and can actually hurt your business. The point is, people are more likely to trust - and take seriously - information packaged within a high-quality, well-produced video. At Lucky 8 Media, we are not only marketing and brand experts, but also have decades of experience in creative video content production and marketing. We understand how to design effective, measurable "eye candy" content to attract the attention of potential clients.

Our mission is to help your company tell its story with visual content that engages people, enhances your brand and grows your business.