We provide many forms of media duplication including video, audio, CD and DVD. Lintel's main mission is to supply our customers with superior service at all stages of a project, from placing an order to shipping. Our quality control measures insure that our customers receive the cleanest video and clearest audio possible. We provide almost any aspect of packaging for almost every medium.

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Unfortunately, not everyone in the world can settle on just one type of video signal. The most widely used signals are NTSC and PAL although SECAM, French SECAM and PAL-M also exist. For example, a PAL tape will not play in an NTSC tape unit. Lintel has equipment to convert one video signal to another, ie. PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL, including PAL DV and PAL BetaSP formats. The following chart matches video signals to the countries that use them. If you have any questions please contact us.

Lintel uses a thermal transfer method for labeling CD's and DVD's. This is a direct to disc process, we do not use paper labels on the media. We can also print jewel case inserts and DVD case wraps on our HP Laserjet printer if the project calls for it. The specifications for submitting artwork to Lintel vary depending on the type of project you need completed. Please follow the appropriate guidelines for the style of print we are working on for you. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Lintel was founded as a video duplication company, and duplication remains the focal point of our business. With over 100 recording decks on line, we have the capability to dub one copy just as efficiently as thousands. The router system and distribution amplifiers insure that all duplication decks receive their own signal. This system eliminates generation degradation generally associated with "daisy-chained" set-ups. Our mission is to continually evaluate and invest in progressive technology, including theSony Digtial BetaSP plaback deck.

DVD has become the format of choice lately. It is cutting edge, very portable, and can be highly interactive. Everything from sales presentations and training programs to home movies can be distributed in high quality video. If your video is currently on tape, we can encode it directly to a DVD-Video compliant disc which will play on the majority of set-top players and computer based drives currently in use. If your program is already on DVD, you may rest assured that each copy we make will be just as spectacular as your original.

CD-R's have become a widely used medium in the transfer of data. Our duplicating system gives us flexibility in the types of data that may be transferred to disk. CD-R, CD-A and CD-X are all viable formats for this system. Information and programs stored on floppy or zip disks may also be burned onto a CD. After the disks are completed, titles, logos, or other information may be printed directly on the CD via a Rimage thermal printer produced specifically for this application. If you are looking to put your video onto a CD, we offer video encoding to MPEG-1.