As traditional marketing continues to diminish, marketing plans and budgets are shifting to non-traditional or online marketing. Online video marketing is essential. Sarasota Video marketing campaigns drive a far higher level of customer engagement and conversion than traditional advertising campaigns.

Lightray Media is a premier global multi media company located in Sarasota, with a highly trained and experienced media production team. We are a digital media company that combines the wisdom of traditional marketing with the power and agility of a cutting-edge digital delivery. We use state of the art technologies, software, hardware, process & methodologies, providing the ability to design & develop, implement and manage all of your company's online advertising and media marketing.

We provide 100% of all of your advertising requirements as a long term business partner. Consider the cost that your company would incur to accommodate these corporate marketing services in house. To proactively design and execute your unique company's message would require a large team of professional and creative individuals to achieve protability.

Serviced Areas

  • Tampa, FL and Sarasota FL areas

Payment Options

  • PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Rick Montgomery
  City Venice, FL
  Zip Code 34293
  Address 313 Glen Oak Rd
  Phone Number (941) 961-0337

Business Representative

Rick Montgomery

Art Director/Principal

Rick Montgomery is Lightray Media's Creative Director and CEO. As a graduate of the prestigious Ringling College of Art and Design, he has over 18 years in the advertising industry. He began his career at Universal Studios in Orlando creating special effects for feature films. Before Rick launched Lightray Media, he held the position of Senior Animator for ESPN Sports Network for over ten years. He has done work for ABC, TNN, The Walt Disney Company, Anheuser Bush, Orlando Magic, Discovery Channel, The Coca-Cola Company, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Indianapolis 500, Anchor Glass Container Corporation, The Hard Rock Cafe, and each of the ESPN networks. He is passionate about his profession, and with a critical eye for detail, it becomes obvious when viewing his work. The computer is a tool that I can use to create elaborate animations, but I go back to the basics and storyboard each individual design before I ever touch the mouse.

Customer Testimonials

My work in the travel industry makes me rely more and more on what potential travelers can and on the internet to attract them to purchase a tour or ask for customized help. I realized that I needed some interesting videos to bring people to my website and to have them join my tours. I've worked with Rick on two videos so far, and given the results of these two, I intend to do more with him. It's been a pleasure dealing with him, not only because of his easy personality but also because of his dedication to the highest standards possible. His persistence on doing things properly, getting the right tone, the right sound, the appropriate picture, the accompanying music has been a lesson in excellence. He taught me the appropriate 'breathing" techniques for recording and was patient when I stumbled on a couple of occasions and suggested that I redo it. Once the recording was nished, he worked very hard on turning my own fairly simple photography and my own amateur videos into something very professional. I've received several compliments on the videos, and more importantly, it has brought potential clients to my website.

Rick provided VaporGenics with a high quality animation with narration that will serve us well in explaining our complex technology. Though it is discult to understand this process, Rick remained diligent and dedicated to creating an animated tutorial which follows the process in a manner anyone can comprehend. Our experience with Rick was a very positive one and we will return for more animations and media work once the technology progresses. Our sincere thanks to Rick and Lightray Media.

I worked with Rick directly while I was VP of R&D at Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc. and since then on other video projects. His constructive attitude and superb technical skills make him a genuine pleasure to work with. Rick's creativity and ability to bring his ideas to fruition in a pragmatic way are major assets. I consider Rick to be an outstanding professional in his eld and would recommend him with great enthusiasm to any who may need his well-rounded skill set.