We understand each client has specific needs. That’s why we have devised four different Packages to accommodate the unique requirements of our clients – from start-ups on shoe-string budgets to larger companies looking for a cost-friendly and effective way to promote their businesses or projects. And we never compromise on our quality. We ensure every client’s requests and goals are met within a reasonable budget and time frame. We make it pivotal to maintain a good working relationship with customers to ensure customer satisfaction and to build long term business relationships.

We believe that the ability to communicate to the audience is the most important element in our designs. We always try our best to convey our client’s message clearly to the audience and yet, maintaining our wicked sense of ‘creativity’. We are always at the creative edge in developing new ideas with a burst of fresh concepts.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Explainer Video Production
  • Animated Video Production
  • Corporate Video
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphics

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Kasra Design’s “What is Vector” was featured on Motionographer online magazine.
  • Kasra Design’s “Tri-Motion” was featured on Motionographer online magazine.
  • We are featured on SME magazine in October 2013.
  • Best in Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Award by MSC Malaysia.

Serviced Areas

  • Worldwide

Payment Options

  • American Express, Credit Terms Available, Money Orders, PayPal

Contact Details

  Person Sheryl Chung
  City San Francisco, CA
  Zip Code 50480
  Address Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara
  Phone Number (+1) 818-292-24

Business Representative

Sheryl Chung

Managing Director

Products & Services

Most people do not have the time to go through pages after pages of information on a website. So, how do you retain your visitors’ attention and make sure that they understand what your product is about and how they can use it to solve a problem?

A startup video will do the trick. Be it an introduction video or an app demo, a video can help you retain viewers’ attention and engage them to find out more about your product. Your viewers need to understand what your product is before they can fully appreciate its values. Videos come in many forms. They can be animated, hand drawn, or shot live, but no matter what, they provide businesses with a way to clearly and effectively convey their value proposition.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it is easy for you to make a claim that you have the best product in the industry or that you offer the best quality for a particular service in your state. However, no matter how excellent a product it is that you are offering to the public, it will be all for naught if nobody has heard about your brand. No buzz about your product means no buyers, save for the slew of regular customers that you may already have.

Fortunately, you can always rely on the powers of advertising to spread the word about your brand for you. Unlike a few years back when it was only the multi-million dollar companies with a worldwide operation who can afford to produce television commercials, this means of advertising has become a lot more reasonably-priced these days. Here, we will take a look at exactly how important it is to have TV commercials produced for your brand, and how you can choose a production company to create such ads for you.

If you own a website, here’s one thing that you need to know. On the home page, online users are known to spend six times as long going through your web pages if there’s video integrated, as compared to a website that is purely text-based. As you may already know, people are visual creatures. They want to see something that catches their eyes, otherwise they lose interest. This is especially true for online users who are clicker-happy.

Regardless of which industry it is that you are in, you will notice how people respond to more visual messages. Let’s take instructions as an example. If you’re part of the training department and there’s a new business process that you need to introduce to employees, what’s the best way for them to learn it? Instead of reading through pages of manual or listening to boring lectures, they would much rather watch a video consisting of moving graphics and narration that guides them through the whole process.

On a daily basis more than four billion videos are being viewed online. If you are business owner and you do not have a video integrated on your website, you are not taking full advantage of the audience that is already there.

With corporate video presentations, you would know what the business is all about in less than five minutes. Not only will you learn about how the company started, but you will also have a clear picture in your mind of the product or service offered by the business.

  • I would recommend this business
  • Attention for Details, Customer Service, Price

It was a pleasure working with Kasra Design's team. We had certain views in terms of quality in mind when contacted them and they managed to fully meet our expectation.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

It was great to work with Sheryl Chung and her team at Kasra Design. It was very new for us, to outsource a service not getting to know Kasra Design personally and having a technical product as the topic for our video. We had a very hard task of explaining a technical product and they manage to do it successfully. They are very creative, professional and patient. We are incredibly happy with the result.

From initial concept to final product, Kasra Design did a superb job creating an explainer video for our new service, Publish. At the outset of the project, they established a solid process and timeline, and followed it professionally. Throughout it all, they were quick to communicate and respond to our review feedback—excellent work!

We worked with Kasra Design team on an introduction animated video for a new website project in a competitive sector. From the initial concept to the completed version, the team were incredibly helpful, creative, and professional and we have had many positive comments about the final outcome. We were pleased with the fantastic work they created and will be using them on all future projects without hesitation.

Kasra Design provided exceptional quality explainer video and I had a great experience working with them. Highly recommend to anyone looking for high quality animation at a great rate!

1st class video production service from Kasra Design!! Do not be put off by the fact they are based in Malaysia. We are based in the UK and I can safely say that is was no different than working with a local company and in fact I would say it was more efficient! We were quoted 15k for a similar video from another company and got something exactly the same if not much better for 3k. The process is real easy and they make it very smooth and efficient. Highly recommended!!

We have used Kasra Design twice to make animated marketing videos for our company and we can easily say that working with Sheryl was both enjoyable and easy and we are beyond satisfied with the end products. My VP and CEO tend to change their minds frequently during the development process and Sheryl was nothing but accommodating and willing to make our numerous changes until we were satisfied. And to think all this was completed all via email and required no actual phone time! We will happily recommend Kasra Design to anyone!


Canadian Pharmacy World - Explainer Video (Animation)

Canadian Pharmacy World serves customers from around the world as a trusted online source of medications, by offering competitive pricing on a wide range of high quality prescription and over-the-counter medications from Canadian and international dispensing pharmacies.

Wood Naturally - Wood Wise (Infographics Animation Production)

We got the great opportunity to work with the good folks at Ogilvy West for the production of an infographics animation to educate and entertain viewers on why they should choose softwood lumber as their home building material and the relevant benefits.

Client : Wood Naturally
Agency : Ogilvy West
Script & VO : Ogilvy West
Illustrations, Storyboard, Sound Design & Animation: Kasra Design

Showreel 2017 - Explainer Video, Corporate Video, 2D & 3D, Motion Graphics

We've spent hours of sleepless nights, shed sweat and tears, stared at the monitors and made every single thing in this video with love, care and passion.

Panasonic - Ceiling Fan (Safety Awareness) Animated Video

Learn how to install a ceiling properly with Panasonic. Take note of three main things safety wire, cut-off safety switch and safety hook to make sure that your ceiling fan is properly installed in order to stop the fan from wobbling and to prevent it from dropping.

12th WIEF - 3D TV Commercial Production

The business landscape is evolving and the global Islamic economy is transitioning towards decentralization.

Stanley - Premium Explainer Video (2.5D & 3D)

Title : Being First to Market Matters
Client : Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.
Format: HD 720p
Concept, Design, Animation : Kasra Design

STANLEY Engineered Fastening is a STANLEY Black & Decker Inc. Company, with presence in a number of locations worldwide. For more than 40 years, Stanley Engineered Fastening has been revolutionizing fastening and assembly technologies for a variety of industries.

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Selamat Hari Raya to Our Muslim Friends. Sources : https://www.facebook.com/KasraDesignStudio/https://www.instagram.com/explainervideoly#mubarak #festiveseason #selamathariraya #balikkampung #maafzahirbatin #kasradesign #explainervideoly #illustrator
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Canadian Pharmacy World serves customers from around the world as a trusted online source of medications, by offering competitive pricing on a wide range of high quality prescription and over-the-counter medications from Canadian and international dispensing
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Scenes from an ongoing animated video project 🔜. By http://KasraDesign.com . . . #illustration #creativedirection #artdirection #animatedvideo #animationcompany #madeinmalaysia
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Instagram loop for "Children's Day". Source : https://t.co/An8vNxUlfI https://t.co/L3t3K6CMRl
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Planning a deck? Theres no substitute for real wood.Its natural beauty cant be copied. Composite decking is... https://t.co/QIflu9PphA
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Bayt.com is the leading job site in the Gulf and Middle East, connecting job seekers with employers looking to hire. Every day, thousands of new job vacancies are listed on the award-winning platform from the region's top employers. Animated Explainer
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You care about your deck AND the planet. Woods got you covered. Wood is biodegradable. Composite decking ends up in a landfill.Wood decks store carbon, making for a much lower carbon footprint.Client : Wood NaturallyAgency : Ogilvy WestIllustrations,
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When youre walking down the lumber aisle you may have wondered where that 2x4 youre holding comes from. Were glad you asked. The answer is right here in North America, meaning it grew in and was harvested from sustainably managed forests.Client : Wood
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From Our Website

Be it explainer video, motion graphics spot, corporate presentation or even a TV commercial, we never compromise on quality as we don't just aim to do one project, but to start long term relationships. Everything produced in our animation company (Based in Malaysia & US) is bespoke and carefully crafted from scratch by an award-winning team of designers & animators. We got the great opportunity to work with the good folks at Salt Lending for the production of a motion graphics video to educate and entertain viewers on why they should choose their crypto-backed lending technology.

Since 2011, we have created over 700 commercial videos in the form of animated explainer video, corporate, 2D, 3D & motion graphics for some of the world's greatest brands and companies. Kasra Design is an award-winning team of designers and animators hungry to learn about your business and what you do and then create something we will be proud to watch over and over again. Work quality is given utmost importance. Each work is carefully crafted and undergoes strict internal inspection to ensure results that go beyond expectations.

2D animation allows for high-level customization according to your branding needs, whether it is a character-based animation, typography animation or motion graphics. This is one of the most sought-after video styles that can be stylized according to each client's individual preference and branding materials. It is also more budget friendly as compared to 3D animation. If you're looking to introduce a brand new product, a ground-breaking prototype or unveil your special project, 3D animation adds depth and space to your video for a smooth and sleek outcome.

Although the term 'motion graphics' is quite broad, it essentially refers to graphics that create the illusion of motion. Even though 'motion graphics' can be designated to anything from abstract animation to the presentation of data, it is generally reserved for the commercial side of things, effects and animations applied to video and interactive applications. This style of video makes any information you want to share more accessible. Information and ideas that might otherwise be confusing or overwhelming when on paper or being delivered through speech instantly become much easier to digest.

There are many kinds of business video, and they all have the same thing in common; they make your organisation visible! The more imagery and video content attached to your business and brand, the more serious and legitimate they will appear to be. These types of videos are designed to not only make your company stand out, but also to offer clarity about your services, make noise about upcoming developments and products, and to create presence and 'shareability' online. If you publish video content regularly on your site and through your social media outlets, you will be able foster a wider client base.

A perfect way to entice your potential clients, stakeholders and team members is through compelling videos. It is perhaps the most viable tool in a digital marketing strategy. Visuals can better influence in a few seconds and convey the message in a concise way. Again, videos cover two-thirds of the entire web traffic; i.e. your chances of driving traffic to your site are 75% more if you use videos. Creating a proper strategy is the first step to execute a video production project successfully.

What better way to let your customers know what to expect from your event than to show them what to expect. Events, by their nature, are tactile experiences. At an event you are stimulated via all five of your senses, so it is logical to try and engage as many of those senses as possible when promoting your event. You will want to create excitement and expectation when it comes to you event. Through video you can offer a taste of the sounds, slights, smells and emotions available to experience at your event.

There has been speculation over the last few years as to whether TV advertising is still worth investing in. We think it is. Here are a few reasons why! Although most people from the millennial generation don't really consume film and TV in the same way anymore, many of the older generations do! Because of older generations are still digesting their media through live TV on average 4-5 hours a day. Target a Demographic. Who is your company or product for? Do your research, if you are aiming your services at a group of people who are known to watch live TV, then you would be missing a trick if you didn't pursue this avenue.