We're a complete-service media production house specializing in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean media services meeting the requirements of a diverse customer base worldwide. We can supply translation, subtitling, DVD production, video production, and graphic services for a huge range of projects anime, manga, corporate, entertainment, retail, travel, and more!

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  City Honolulu, HI
  Zip Code 96819
  Address 2153 N King Strt
  Phone Number (808) 845-8567

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Founded in 1981, JN Productions, Inc. which bears the initials of its founder, Joanne Ninomiya, is a well-known translation and media company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ninomiya is a pioneer in Hawaii's ethnic TV broadcasting industry, and greatly influenced generations of island viewers, bringing in shows like Abarenbo Shogun, Kikaida and Soko ga Shiritai. Today, we are a full-service media production house meeting the needs of a diverse client base throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our translation and subtitling teams service TV broadcasters and licensors in Japan and the U.S., particularly in the ever-growing anime/manga industry.

Generation Kikaida is the flagship retail brand of JN Productions, Inc. We license Japanese tokusatsu (live-action) TV shows and merchandise from Ishimori Production and Toei Company, LTD (Japan). Our highly-acclaimed DVDs are authentic, legitimate and of high quality, Region 1 (USA), NTSC. Every DVD is expertly subtitled in English.