Your special day is serious business. DVD is the standard for video and all videos are produced on DVD-R media. VHS is available by request and DVD menus with chapters are available. My office is situated in Hudson, MA, just off route 495. Availability is limited, so call today and book your wedding with Above The Rest Video & Photography.

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You can do a search of old television shows or movie clips to see how the dental assistant has been portrayed over the last several decades - they usually just weren't. They were simply omitted from the scenery of a dentist's office, and more so the further back you look. You would quickly find that the false heroics of the one-man dentistry show have merely been more conducive to the comedic and dramatic flare for amusement. For entertainment's sake, it is seldom that the near super-humans are not juggling all of the tasks themselves on the screen, bringing about more laughs and gasps and creating debacles.

Getting an education is one of the fastest ways to secure a consistent, well-paying job - especially if you make smart choices when it comes to the specific career you're working towards. Thankfully, whether we've been in a recession or not, dental assisting has stood the test of time when it comes to consistency. Simply put, we all have teeth - those teeth need to be cleaned and taken care of - we need to interact with someone and understand procedures - that's where the dental assistant really shines.