The results are in: Marketing through video provides the best ROI.

The most recent studies suggest that online audiences are soaring, with over half the US population streaming video (up 38% from five years ago). But the biggest news is that those same people are receptive to ads and marketing videos, which is huge news for you and your online presence!

Today, your brand needs to be built and supported through on-line video. Luckily, that’s what we do best. At IMECUS Video Agency, Our on-line video products are designed to improve your conversion rates, aiding your marketing team and generating sales 24 hours a day.

At IMECUS, we don’t make videos that ‘sell’ your products, we empower customers to ‘choose’ your products by edging you ahead of your competitors. We help on-line shoppers connect with your brand by weaving your distinguishing factors into a compelling script. Unlike other production companies, we identify the pains and frustrations found in your market place and address the concerns of buyers. Our focus is your customers peace of mind.

As you read, potential customers are surfing your website. If you don’t have a video that addresses their needs, statistics suggest they will continue to search until they do. We can get the ball rolling today, call us now to learn more about converting your website traffic in to sales.

We are a full service video production company based in Wilmington, NC. We work both locally and nationally to provide exceptional marketing support and video production services. We also offer TV Commercial services, Webinar and Web Broadcasting Services, Animation and Special Event services.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Video Production, Web Videos, Educational Videos, EB5 Videos, TV commercials

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Webby Award Winner

Contact Details

  Person Dan Burke
  City Wilmington , NC
  Zip Code 28405
  Address 2725 Old Wrightsboro Rd. 4A
  Phone Number (424) 888-2544

Business Representative

Dan Burke


Dan is the guy who will oversee your project from start to finish. He will listen, learn, collaborate, create and deliver...and make you say a few words with a British accent.

Dan Burke, founder of IMECUS Video Agency, was born in England. He started his career in Journalism at the age of 18, writing for some of the most prestigious newspapers in England including 'The Times' and 'The Independent'. It was during this time that he learned of a 'sales-based' story system, designed to make more people pick up newspapers at grocery stores and newsagents.

Dan realized that the system was even more compelling when his words were supported with video, so he enrolled at the University of Bedfordshire and earned a BA in Video Production. Dan then worked on a series of UK based films including 'Essex Boys' with Sean Bean, 'Trauma' with Colin Firth and 'Proof' with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Dan moved to the United States in 2004 and became a Producer for a company located at Screen Gems Movie Studios, the largest movie studios east of Hollywood. Dan started IMECUS in 2007 and has since created over 50 TV commercials and more than a dozen company videos. The Agency has seen a large percentage of returning clients. More recently, Dan was recruited by Marvel to assist in the Visual Effects department on Iron Man 3.