Ideaship Studios is a full-service, award-winning creative agency located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in video production, animation, graphic design, photography, voiceovers, and web. We provide on-location and in-studio video, animation, visual effects, editing, sound design, and voiceovers for film, TV, live events, and web.

Contact Details

  Person Ideaship Studios
  City Tulsa, OK
  Zip Code 74135
  Address 3939 S. Harvard Ave. Ste 165
  Phone Number (918) 994-1500

From Our Website

Brian shot his first movie at age 8, and has over 25 years of experience working in television, radio, and information technology. He is a master of visual storytelling as well as a voiceover artist. Lisa has also worked for a number of years in human resources, and knows how to apply creative design effectively for corporate communication, benefits, and HRIS. She loves dogs and coffee more than you could ever understand. Jacob is scary-good at understanding small business and project management.