Higher Earth Entertainment produces media to educate, empower, and inspire people to build a more sustainable world for tomorrow's future. We strive to reach the highest points on earth physically and spiritually by creating films, TV shows, and environmental projects that embody an environmental and worldly message.

We love to take our viewers with us through a visceral journey into the mind, body and spirit as we explore some of the most captivating places on earth. Every adventure comes with its unique set of glories and mishaps, only keeping you on the edge of your seat. It's a voyage into the great unknown as we uncover the truths of about ourselves and the world at large.

We hope our films and projects can spark that sense of exploration inside you, encouraging you to participate in your community to create a more beautiful planet.

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  Person JJ Yosh
  City Boulder, CO
  Zip Code 80302
  Phone Number (310) 463-0901

Business Representative

JJ Yosh


JJ is the founder of Higher Earth Entertainment, which evolved from an outdoors club, The Excursion Club, that he started in 2003. JJ's philosophy is if you want people to care about the outdoors, you got to get them out there to experience it. Almost a decade later, JJ has formed a group of passionate individuals that have come together with the purpose of building a more sustainable world where cities are built in harmony with the earth instead of against it. His ambitious quest to change the world has taken him all over the world, climbing the world's most exotic and unexplored mountains.

JJ received his B.S. at UCSB in Chemical Engineering. His current research involves developing innovative alternative energy solutions from ancient technologies. JJ brings his expertise as a Chemical engineer, adventurer, and filmmaker to the Higher Earth team to create stimulating and thought provoking films that will bring humanity to a new level of consciousness.


Cooking in The Wild - Bouldering and Guacamole

Join Backcountry Chef and Adventurer, JJ Yosh on another journey into the wild cooking up this time - Guacamole - backcountry style. JJ's been working up quite an appetite bouldering, so the perfect snack is Guacamole!

Cooking in the Wild - Ep.1 - Eggplant Stir-Fry

Join Backcountry Chef & Adventurer, JJ Yosh as he cooks up Eggplant Stir-fry with tofu. An easy simple meal to cook up wherever you are, especially in the backcountry.

Edited and Shot by Brandon Laine

What is Adventure to You?

JJ Yosh and Meri Antin open up and describe what adventures means to them. Featuring footage shot by Go Pro and Canon 6D Camera.

On location at Mt. Hope in Colorado.

For more outdoor adventures go to www.jjyosh.com

Edited by Brandon Laine

The Elements of Life - Episode 1 - Earth

A poetic short adventure film series inspiring people to embrace the beauty of nature to free themselves and live better lives. This is the first episode.

If you want to be free you must connect with the earth.
If you want to live in harmony with mother earth you must first go outside and explore all her wonders.

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