In 1989 Jim Stiles started publishing the politically-progressive Canyon Country Zephyr in the middle of conservative Mormon Utah. Now recognized as one of the finest independent papers in the West, The Zephyr combines humor, history, honesty and artistry in its coverage of issues. Brave New West is a profile of Stiles and the land and people that are his passion.

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BUFFALO HUNT observes the field harvesting of a bison on the Crazy Woman Bison Ranch in the Chalk Buttes of southeastern Montana. Due to the fact that very few wild bison herds in North America that are allowed to be hunted, some people who desire their own bison meat choose this type of experience over purchasing ranched bison meat that may have been trucked to a slaughterhouse, or might have been fed on something other than grass, such as grain. Some, like the Crazy Woman Ranch, offer this service on several thousands of acres of private ranch land, where the animals have been raised on the land their whole lives.

EL CABALLO isn't a call to action. It doesn't tell anyone what to think, and it doesn't stake out a high ground or "right" way to manage. What it does is present a little-known controversy, backed up with a diverse array of opinionated experts, and package it with eye-candy footage that never lets your eyelids sag. Lays out the problems, conflicts and misconceptions clearly and without bias. Interviews with the actual scientists involved in wild horse management policy and key individuals, whose lives have been forever impacted by their close association with wild horses, shed light on what has for decades been a declining wildlife management issue.

SOUTHBOUND provides a close look at one of the most troubling issues in forestry today. It puts a human face on the distress chip mills cause a community, and it provides a thorough look at the land itself.

America's wild landsapes sustain a vast array of plants and wildlife, and offer respite to people from all walks of life. From the Florda Everglades to California's great Sequoia forests to the vast canyonlands of the Colorado Plateau, America's splendour is on display in remarkable diversity. Yet many of these lands are under threat from human exploitation. WILDLAND pays homage to the grandiosity of American wildlands, and the extraordinary citizens that are fighting to preserve and protect these remaining areas, from diverse wetlands to majestic mountains to vast desert expanses.

With a title like VARMINTS, you might not expect this kind of movie: It's graphic, it's well-photographed and it's even pretty well-balanced. Even folks who know all about the prairie dog controversy will be enlightened by VARMINTS. From all appearances, the issue is far more complex than environmentalists vs. property owners, preservationists vs. developers; or rednecks vs. vegetarians and animal-rights activists. There's also that whole American romance with guns. Viewers everywhere will ponder who, in the grand scheme of things, who the true varmints are.