Think gym membership for video production. Become a member and start seeing results. We are a Seattle video production company committed to creating continuous visual content. For $2,950 GNY provides 8 completed videos that's just $375 a video. From client testimonials to e-learning. GoNetYourself is an easy-to-use, conveniently located professional studio in Bellevue, Wa. Contact us today!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Video Production
  • E-learning
  • Internal Communication
  • Web Learning
  • Video Marketing

Contact Details

  Person Jeff Turley
  City Bellevue, WA
  Zip Code 98004
  Address 10900 NE 8th Ste. 1000 Floor 10
  Phone Number (425) 633-3308

Business Representative

Jeff Turley

CEO | Owner

Jeff spent several years in technology as a Sr. Account Executive at NCMX and N2H2. Jeff received his Masters in Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1995. The diversity of Jeff's background is the foundation of his ability to clearly see the unique vision of GoNetYourself.

Customer Testimonials

Very accommodating. Editors are great about taking input and producing exactly what is asked. They’ve also provided excellent creative suggestions/guidance.

Quick communication, quick editing turnaround, quality editing, good studio experience in both locations, friendly staff! Everyone was amazing, understood what we needed, treated our on-screen talents very well, it was all great! Thank you!

My producer was extremely efficient and helped keep the project moving forward, surpassing any other studio experiences we’ve had with other producers.

Knowledgeable, quick to turnaround, great communication. Expectations were set well too!

Social Activity

Insights into how YOU create content.
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Learn about analytical qualities via @YouTube
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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist The Strength of Analytical | Leadership Vision Consulting
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Want to watch Microsoft Build?
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Big shout-out to @fromseed2spoon for telling us about your inspirational story. This is a very informative and help
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#MicrosoftBuild2018 Come check out the conference and recording of amazing speakers in our studio on the first floo
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We live in an age when the only constant is change. via @YouTube
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We've got some cool slider action today in studio for a more edgy interview!
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From Our Website

Building an effective video strategy is all about what we call "continuous visual content." Keep your audience engaged by producing an endless stream of amazing content. We've helped teams at Fortune 100 companies all the way to 1-person Sole Proprietorships and everything in between - our services are scalable for teams of any size. Meet with us today to discuss your strategy.

Since 2012, we've been creating ways for companies to scale-up their video production to meet modern popular demand. Our signature is the NoBrainer membership, which provides all the services you need to create a year's worth of videos at your pace. We are revolutionary producers with regard to price, turnaround time, and convenience. We believe in getting things done, measuring results, and providing excellent customer service!

GoNetYourself is changing the way the video production industry operates. By even writing a Service Level Agreement, we are differentiating ourselves from most Video Production companies, because our process exists in a system. Because we work with hundreds of people each year on thousands of videos, we have a need to define what it realistic and what is not in the way we work. Please read through this document to see what works for you. At GoNetYourself, our system includes many people. You may hear from multiple people throughout the course of your project.