Frank Smith opened Franklin Video in 1985. Frank had produced and directed hundreds of commercials and promotions for the Dusenbury and Alban ad agency and previously worked at a local ABC affiliate. As a Producer, Frank understood the requirement for a regional resource that mixed broadcast quality production standards with a high level of personal attention to each client. Having a creative person at the helm has proven to be a real asset to Franklin Video in understanding our customers needs and tailoring our organization to meet those requirements.

We have gone on to adapt to the changes in the market and technology. Today, we have modern non-linear editing, digital video, web design, 3D graphics, interactivity, and many other emerging technologies into our repertoire of services. Check out our capabilities on the pre-production, production, and post pages.

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  • Sony F55 4K Cinealta camera

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  • American Express, Credit Terms Available, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

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  Person Frank Smith
  City Raleigh, NC
  Zip Code 27607
  Address 931 Marilyn Drive
  Phone Number (919) 833-8888
  Mobile 919-621-0400

Business Representative

Frank Smith


I've been in television production ever since I realized in college that I really did NOT want to be an actor/ waiter. I have ALWAYS been fascinated with television production even when I was just 4 years old. After getting a BA in Theater, Theater Management with a minor in broadcasting, I went to a local community college to get some hands on experience. While I was there I worked at the PBS station on that school's campus. From there I did a stint at a Downriver Detroit weekly newspaper in sales. Invaluable experience, BUT.... not my calling! I also worked at a local (to Raleigh) television station (WTVD) for a few years before I was recruited by a client of the station to work at their ad agency (Dusenbury and Alban). While employed as their Agency Producer, I produced over 150 commercials a year for a few years... which then lead to opening my own shop... Franklin Video, Inc.

Products & Services



When you build a building, you start with a blueprint. Our production blueprints are under the form of scripts, schedules and budgets. No matter what your level of production may be, we'll walk you through the planning stage of your project step by step. We'll help you choose the format you need, the length of the program, cost alternatives, the time involved for production- every detail.

We're not the kind of shop that runs off into a dark room and whips up a program that you're stuck with, like it or not. At every stage, we have you in the decision making process. If you don't have a thorough understanding of the production process when we start, you'll be totally at ease with it by the time we reach the shooting and editing phases of your project.

We'll assist you design the correct message using the most effective media. Then we'll put our experience to work to create powerful sounds and photos that tell your story in an unforgettable way. From highly technical internal or business-to-business communication, to artful, emotionally charged image pieces, we've done it all. If you've got specific production related questions, give us a call or email.

Post production

Post production

Presently we have 3 post production editing systems. We apply Adobe products, not only because of the ease of integration with AfterEffects, Photoshop, and other staple Adobe programs, but because Premier Pro now provides great Multiple Layer real time editing. We can edit up to 9 layers of Uncompressed Red footage in REAL TIME. Take That Final Cut! If you need to integrate with FinalCut. . NO PROBLEM. Premiere pro can seamlessly input or output in the FinalCut format. Interfacing couldn't be easier.

With todays high speed email and other communication tools we have unlimited access to satellite graphics partners. We can easily import graphics elements or treatments from remote locations. Using this kind of resource is exceptionally versatile AND keeps budgets in control.



Franklin Video is equipped and ready to meet a wide variety of requirements. We generally shoot in various configurations, with crews of all sizes, depending on your specific needs and budget.

Grips, gaffers, directors, producers, art directors, greensmen, food stylists, makeup, DPs, PAs. whatever your project requires, Franklin Video can offer.

We provide our customers a steady, ready resource for ENG, Commercial, documentary, or Industrial video production. Often under extremely tight deadlines.

For bigger, more involved productions, we can assist you coordinate crews, equipment, schedules, places - just about anything you need for almost any type of production. Film, video, studio, location, multi-camera, satellite up-linked - you name it, we'll make it happen.

Customer Testimonials

Frank Smith is a perfect example of how a seasoned professional should be. His knowledge of the video production industry is huge but he is very down to earth and trustworthy. As a client, you can’t go wrong by hiring him to create any size or type of project. He has a great eye for what looks best for the project needs. He also stays up on current technology. His new cameras, edit system, and LED lights are awesome. If you want someone who can give you that cutting edge look and feel while standing on a strong foundation of experience, Frank is your professional to call.

I have worked with Franklin Video many times in the past and have always come away with a product I was proud of. I’ve always received my money’s worth and then some. Working with knowledgeable people is so valuable and a big comfort factor, especially when I’m working with a client’s money!

Just finished a week long shoot with Frank Smith. He & his Audio Engineer were extremely professional, detail oriented and a joy to work with. The subject matter was sensitive and Frank was not only a fabulous DP but also contributed to the content of the shoot. If ever I find myself shooting in North Carolina, I won’t hesitate to contact him. I highly recommend Franklin Video!

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We strive to make sure you have an excellent product and enjoy the process of creating a professional video to meet your needs. Some of our clients include Burger King, Office Depot, HomeMax, Factory Stores of America plus we have done work for major television shows including "America's Most Wanted" and "A Current Affair."

Our clients are more than satisfied with our film and video production services and frequently tell us so. They tell us thatworking with Franklin Video was the right decision. It's not only how happy they are with their projects, but also how much fun they had whileworking with us on their films andvideos. After more than 29 years in business, we've produced feature length documentaries, content for "America's Most Wanted" and "A Current Affair" as well as commercials for Burger King, Office Depot and Factory Stores of America.

Before you start your video production project, it's imperative to have make a clear plan. Due to the potential expense and time involved in producing a film project, having a solid blue print for each phase of your project is an indispensable tool for executing a film production project on time and ON BUDGET. This second phase of video production is where all the planning comes together. From ENG and Commercial videos to documentary, Industrial to Corporate video production, Franklin Video can handle the full scope for you.