Flow's founder started out, as many filmmakers do, as a kid with no experience and no video equipment. Rather than go to film school, he chose the school of hard knocks and dove head first into writing and directing his own films. After placing highly in a number of filmmaker competitions for various short films, he moved on to writing and directing a feature length film that garnered him worldwide attention and millions of video downloads. It wasn't long before he was directing and shooting television commercials for some of the largest companies in the world, including ESPN, Denny's, Aquafina, Interactive Brokers, The Wall Street Journal and more. His video production work has been honored with countless best-in-television awards, including seven National Telly awards in 2013.

We set out to assemble a team of top industry veterans to solve many of the problems and shortcomings of tv commercial and high end corporate video production by creating a more elegant, streamlined, handcrafted approach. With a hand-picked roster of talent earned over years of working in the industry combined with a dynamic, adaptable post pipeline, Flow's main goal is to make you look good, make your company's video project look good and make your client and their company look great, and to do it cost effectively.

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  • Tv Commercial Directors
  • Post Production Facilities
  • Video Editing
  • Animation & Motion Graphics

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John Webb

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When choosing a video production company, you often only have one shot to get it right. With TV commercials and high-end corporate videos, there is an investment by your company in your video production company that requires a return. That means every member of the video team is vital to your company's message.

Post Production

With a video production company and with television commercials in general, this is often the difference between "not bad" and "WOW". Video only begins at the production stage--other companies may undersell this. Color grading, audio sweetening, original music and more are what make your company's TV commercials or video production shine. Let the experts at our production company show you a unique approach to video finishing.


A killer television commercial or web video production starts with killer creative. Your company's video needs to stand out from your competitors. Whether it's corporate videos, TV commercials or any other video production, we can help. We love to partner with agencies with their own creative, or let us help create a message for your video that promotes your company with finesse.


A video production that flows needs perfect planning. Let our TV commercial and video production company veterans save you and your company time, money and trouble. Your company needs its video to be powerful and cost-effective, and that is why your choice of video production company is vital.

Customer Testimonials

Flow, as a NY video production company, exceeds expectations on almost every level: they hit deadlines on time with creative video production and post production output that reflects their dedication to top-notch work on all of their TV commercial production and video productions.

From Our Website

In today's marketplace, it is more important than ever to not only distinguish yourself through multimedia--especially video--advertising, but to do it in the smartest, most cost effective way possible. With everyone and their dog owning a 5D and promoting themselves as a high-end video production company, there are some important things to consider when putting together a video project for your company and matching it with the team best fitted to execute it. 1. What are your competitors doing?

In the world of video production companies (especially video production companies in NYC and the surrounding area), one common topic that is not always discussed transparently is budget. For various reasons, some companies feel compelled to hold their cards close to the chest when it comes to disclosing even ball park figures, and this makes sense; in many areas of business, the saying "whoever names a number first loses" holds some weight. However, when it comes to collaborating with a production company to create something great that achieves results, this thinking may hold you back from being able to collaborate effectively.

We live in a world where the word HD has come to sound like something ubiquitous. A lot of clients think to themselves, "We'll shoot it in HD and it will look great." What those who are production-seasoned will tell you is that the spectrum of what is called HD is so wide and so varied, two companies could both call their video production offerings high definition and be delivering two completely different end products. How HD is your HD? Ask your potential production company what exactly they mean by an "HD" camera?

There are almost as many potential service providers and video production companies today as there are potential products. With these kinds of benefits in mind, video production is being utilized by companies for new forms of marketing efforts and internal applications as well as traditional outlets such as TV commercials. With a massive shift in technology, both in video acquisition as well as in delivery, there are more variables than ever to consider when choosing a company to be your video production solution (and even more aspects of a production company's services that could easily be misleading when working with the wrong provider).