DWSussman is a nationally recognized photographer with over forty years of professional experience. He specializes in shooting on Location, Industrial Photography, Commercial Work, Stock Agency, Location Portraits, Scenic's and Nature photography. During this time he has received numerous national awards, exhibited worldwide and produced over 50 photos for cover art with photographic, technical and science journals.

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  Person David Sussman
  City Punta Gorda, FL
  Zip Code 33950
  Address 2240 Deborah Dr
  Phone Number (850) 866-2358

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David Sussman

David Sussman is a media artist with over 40 years experience in both film and digital photography. He started his career at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory as a photographer. As digital media desktop editing became more popular and affordable, he migrated to digital and desktop editing design. His expertise includes photo editing, video editing, 2D/3D animation, web design, CDROM authoring, DVD authoring and virtually all aspects of multimedia design. He is also recognized as a Master in the Digital Media Field.

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To excel with industrial and commercial photography, vision and knowledge of lighting is essential for success. The vision requires seeing in the "mind's eye" what could be, rather than what everyone else sees. It's the knowledge of using light and modifying it by the master photographer that captures that mental image. I have experience shooting professional photography all across the country and now live in Punta Gorda serving the southwest Florida area. Industrial and Commercial Photography - for over 30 years creating extraordinary photography for technology, industry and advertising.