Video depositions are quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception. We are certified Legal Video Specialists with the National Court Reporters Association.

We record depositions in high quality digital video format with the time/date stamp using a Sony DSR-250 professional video camera. The witness and attorneys have individual microphones for high quality sound. Neutral backgrounds available.

Transcript Sync Available to view your deposition on your computer screen next to the transcript, Word for Word. Our Sync service allows you to do the following: Keyword Search, Edit designations easily, Export clips to any Presentation Software.

Most communication is non-verbal. High quality video ensures that facial expression, eye shift and demeanor are clearly visible. Litigators call on videographers to assist their case in many ways.

Drumfish Pro has helped to produce and edit Video Settlement Documentaries resulting in multi-million dollar settlements.

Day-In-The-Life Videos show the injured party and how catastrophic injuries impact the daily life of the plaintiff. Video Journals capture participation in rehab or medical facilities. Itís the most effective way for the jury to see the daily challenges your client faces.

Drumfish Pro is available to work with your firm during pre-trial preparation. We develop charts and diagrams that explain evidence simply and clearly. We create and present cutting-edge multimedia programs with distinctive themes.

Demonstrative exhibits are vital at trial. We meet with you to discuss your evidence and create effective ways to convey the facts. Whether best presented in PowerPoint, Animation, Anatomical Graphics, Illustrations, Graphs, Timelines, Flip Charts or Over-Sized boards, Drumfish Pro is the Litigation Technology Pro for your next trial.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • CLVS
  • NCRA
  • TCRA
  • NBA

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  City Nashville, TN
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Products & Services



We provide Comprehensive Professional Media Services in the Litigation Technology Industry.

* Video Depositions with Transcript Sync Available
* Deposition Clip Editing for the Courtroom
* Multimedia Trial Presentations
* Trial Graphics and Animations
* Activities of Daily Living/Day-In-The-Life Videos
* Settlement Documentaries and Video Journals
* Forensic Photography and Video
* Web Conferencing Facility Available
* Mock Jury/Focus Group Video for easy review
* Trial & Witness Preparation Video Assessment
* Independent Medical Examination Video

And Much More