Owner, Jamie Crawford, has more than 20 years of experience in journalism and public relations. She works with video professionals that are hand-selected for their creativity, passion and talent. The Colorado Video team is made up of artists who love videography.

Production Manager, Caroline Tracz, works directly with customers to make sure their video production process goes seamlessly, from beginning to end.

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  City Fort Collins, CO
  Zip Code 80528
  Address 2580 E Harmony Rd, Suite 201
  Phone Number (877) 970-4628

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Video is one of the most effective online marketing tools available to businesses today. A high-quality corporate video can help you increase your search rankings, drive massive amounts of traffic to your website and increase conversion by nearly 300%!



A high-quality corporate video can help you increase your search rankings, drive massive amounts of traffic to your website and increase conversion by nearly 300%! Video is one of the most effective online marketing tools available to organizations today.



We are so passionate about making the world a better place that we ALWAYS offer not-for-profits with 501 (c) (3) status a 20% discount on our video production services.

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I am. On a new journey with this company. It’s Gods will. I would like to say . I’m excited. To work with Jamie Crawford and her staff. When the story is told. It’s going to be explosive No dry eye πŸ‘ in the house. It’s going to be. Fulled with joy. Thanks πŸ™. To her and her caring heart πŸ’œ. This story will be told.

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Jamie's passion for the work that she does was evident from the first day I met her. She literally engulfed herself in the fabric of serving the homeless and those in jeopardy of becoming homeless so that she could convey the essence of the nightmare that is homelessness. The result was a highly effective video that not only tells the story but stirs emotions and a call to action as well. Jamie has quickly become part of our team and that may be the highest compliment I could give.

Jamie filmed our home while we had it on the market and we showcased her video as part of our online media promotion. Jamie is very easy to work with and has such a pleasant personality. She is a great listener and easily talks through the needs of her clients. From the grandiose drone video showcasing perfect sky views of our property to the elegant interior shots, Jamie delivered a beautiful video.

Jamie and her team have done an amazing job with the videos they have produced for us. My husband and I first had her do a real estate video for our home we listed. The video footage and the music captured the feel of our home perfectly. She also added footage and details of the community which was well done. She obviously put a lot of research into the project! We were so impressed we had her make videos for our business. Again, each video she produced was professional and well done. She researched each topic, met with providers and interviewed clients. She was able to succinctly summarize the experiences of each provider and client and was able to capture the message we wanted to deliver. She and her team were easy to work with and willing to listen to OUR ideas and thoughts for each video to create the perfect video! Nothing was left undone! I highly recommend Colorado Video Productions!

I used Colorado Video Productuons , on a new listing..quality was amazing, service was top notch. Would highly recommend


'Mountain Song' by The Good Time Travelers

'Mountain Song' by The Good Time Travelers
Filmed & Produced by Crawford Video - www.crawfordvideo.com

Crawford Technologies Core Values Video

Crawford Technologies' 20th Anniversary Core Values Video
Produced by Crawford Video - www.crawfordvideo.com

3438 Taliesin Way, Fort Collins, Colorado

Real estate video of home within 'The Hill on Cobb Lake'
3438 Taliesin Way
Fort Collins, Colorado

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Need a video produced in Colorado? www.coloradovideo.com
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At Colorado Video, we are proud to be working alongside some of the greatest talent in this nation. We feel blessed to be doing what we love.
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@MycolMusic @PeteKMusic You guys rocked it at Avogadro's Number last night! Thank you for writing music that touches my soul.
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It is an honor to create videos that make a difference. Learn a little more about the Murphy Center for Hope in Fort Collins, Colorado. https://youtu.be/mCBsxJoeL5I
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We have invested in a new, state-of-the-art, portable battery-operated LED 3-point lighting system. What does this mean for our customers? While filming, there will be no hot lights glaring on people (making them hot and sweaty). As well, we don't need
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We love producing videos that make a difference. Check out this article on USA today's website: https://t.co/z34aA73TII
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Our passion is creating videos that somehow make the world a better place. Two of the amazing people featured in our 'Here for You' video are now employed and doing well. John-Mark and his service dog, Max, now have their own apartment and are flourishing.
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We are blown away by the caliber of people who have applied to work with us. We are currently pouring through hundreds of great resumes.
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