Candlelight Productions creates compelling, meaningful, Video Productions for live & life events, and businesses. Although the company creatively and meticulously retells traditional life events such as weddings and corporate happenings, our specialty is in multi-camera theatrical, dance & concert productions serving both the local Western New York / Buffalo market, as well as a National audience. In addition to post-production workflows, we also offer real-time "instant DVDs" and live "pay-per-view" streaming options to our event clients, working alongside complementary media professionals

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  Person Rob Rothkopf
  City Buffalo, NY
  Zip Code 14068
  Address 284 Londonderry Ln
  Phone Number (716) 208-5557

Business Representative

Rob Rothkopf

Owner/ Producer

Our Clients love our work, and frequently ask "Why" and "How" we do what we do! We believe that as we share our lives, we are sharing bits of our selves with our friends and families. By helping others preserve their memories through words and images recorded on our timeless keepsake video productions, Candlelight Productions makes a positive difference in people's lives.

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Candlelight Productions creates video productions serving a variety of industries including education (schools) , hospitality (weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc) , entertainment (dance/ theatre/ musicals) and estate planning (living legacies, video memorials) .

Our service offerings include project consultation, creation, innovation, weather-proofed location videography, multi-camera / multi-angle productions, heritage preservation and corporate applications.

Why choose Candlelight Productions!

Why choose Candlelight Productions!

We love what we do, and put this passion into our work. With every interaction, every conversation, every dance, musical, concert, wedding, bar mitzvah, corporate message with every production we create, we strive to enhance the experience by retelling the story in a meaningful, tasteful, artistic way, which is true to the essence of the moments we've captured, and the message we're delivering.

♠ Multi-camera video productions for Stage, Life and Corporate events, and "life journals".
♠ Professional experience shooting national Dance, Theatre and Concert events.
♠ CD-quality audio post and live-mixing multiple audio sources, working with audio engineers.
♠ Full turn-key operations providing staff, crew and equipment.
♠ HD, live-switched, live-streamed, real-time and authored DVD options.

Over 15 years experience shooting bellydance performances. Always professional. engaged with the artists. with a lighthearted approach to the long days.

Customer Testimonials

Got the DVD yesterday and it is fantastic.

What a great team!!! Every detail is so thoughtfully creative! Best dance recital video we have ever had!

I cannot recommend Candlelight Productions enough. I wished all of the Bellydance events I go to would utilize this company. You get your videos in a very timely manner and the quality is superb. Dancers don't have to wait months for their videos. My favorite part is that you can opt to get a flash drive instead of a cd. Thank you Candlelight Productions for my great videos.

Amazing company!! Fantastic job at Jewels of the Orient this weekend!! Still cant thank you enough for the quality of work that you produced for us and so quick.

Excellent photographer for our dance performance. Many decades of experience.

From Our Website

We know you don't want to wait to see what we've been up to, so here are a few samples. Have a creative idea, beautiful vision, or dream that you need realized? Have a problem you'd like to brainstorm ways of solving? Perhaps a live stream or socially-distanced performance, a promotional reel or life story you need told. Contact us and let's talk! Besides their main service, we helped recreate the outdoor beauty attendees were used to expecting at their outdoor "Alternative" Services this year, featuring beautiful song and story from Sarah Schultz and Judy Henn, pre-recorded honored guests and more.

Started by founder Rob Rothkopf, we collaborate with teams of like-minded experts who hold their quality-bar high. As CP grows its connections, we continue dispelling any fears about multi-camera productions, whether they be about affordability, suitability, artistic preservation, whatever. And we look forward to the continued journey, meeting and collaborating with more of the AMAZING, Talented, Creative people who keep crossing paths.