For thirty five years Bridges Court Reporting and Legal Videography has covered the huge and pretty areas of Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Northeast Oregon. Here at Bridges Court Reporting and Legal Videography we trust that as The Record we must supply quality court reporting solutions to our customers.

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The pace of technology is having an enormous impact on how we do business in this day and age. The drive towards digitization is changing the legal landscape of our court system and has many law firms and court reporting firms struggling to keep pace. Bridges Reporting and Legal Video is a court reporting and legal videography company that recognizes the use of new, proven technologies: Real-time transcription, video streaming, legal videography, E-transcripts and PDF transcripts, and transcript & video synchronization.

It is through relationships that William Bridges began this company almost 50 years ago. He built his company by creating positive and mutually beneficial relationships with the clients, court reporters, and the employees. We are continually seeking to create relationships, just as Mr. Bridges did, in order to promote the court reporting and legal video profession, provide the best service resources for our clients, and to provide family wage opportunities for our employees. Bridges Reporting & Legal Videography exists to provide exceptional quality court reporting and legal videography to its clients; provide a clean, organized, healthy workplace for its employees; provide our court reporters with a chance to apply their years of training within the industry that they love.

The impact of video upon our society has been explosive. Since the late 1800s, the playing of moving images on a screen has captivated audiences worldwide. By the 1960s, Television (TV) had become a common item within American homes and now the streaming of video to TVs and mobile devices continues to captivate us. Whether for, discovery, perpetuation, impeachment at trial, sending it to your expert or just for your own internal use the addition of legal video can be a tremendous asset for any litigation.