Basecamp Productions produces professional videos from script to screen: marketing, training, educational, documentary, fundraising, and more. Many awards. We care for your project like it's our own we stake our reputation on our good work.

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  • Education, Training, Museum, Medical

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  Person Susan Branch Smith
  City Williamsburg, VA
  Zip Code 23185
  Address 608 College Terrace
  Phone Number (410) 404-5559
  Mobile 410.404.5559

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Susan Branch Smith


Customer Testimonials

Susan has a good rapport with our customers. She has a professional attitude and provided us with excellent quality of work. She is always willing to act on a moment’s notice and offer insightful suggestions to make the final product better.

Working with Susan is always a pleasure…she is easy-going and very professional. Whenever I get a call from Susan, I am eager to jump at the opportunities she presents to me because I know the experience will be a good one! I know that Susan always “looks out” for me as a talent and I greatly appreciate that. I whole-heartedly recommend Susan…she is dedicated to any project on which she is working.

I have known Susan as a producer and writer in public television, and we have hired her at Constellation Energy to handle video writing and producing chores when the workload has been too much for our in-house staff. She has unfailingly delivered excellent results. She is creative, thorough, and great with clients. Her deep experience, writing skills, and attention to detail as a producer make her a strong addition to any project.

Basecamp Productions and Susan Branch Smith has worked with my company, AxWild Tours, since 2010. She has created unique and interesting websites that I have been pleased with and have been well received by the public.

Susan has worked effectively with other vendors to coordinate links so my business can run efficiently.

If you want a creative team and technological wizardry, look no further than Basecamp Productions!

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Excellent graphic designers and their work are the bedrock of any organization. Designers create a comfortable space, a living room if you will, that your customers feel comfortable in. Think J. Peterman, The Sundance Festival, Ruth's Chris Steak House, or any brand where you know you can go to find something you'll really enjoy. Your dentist's office, law firm, or builder should offer you a visual way to bond as well. No matter what the size of your business, professional graphic designers are your only choice.

Video producers know how to get to the heart of your story, and tell it in a way that makes people laugh, cry, and press BUY. Our video producers and writers know what a good story is. We know how to translate your message into visual and audio media successfully. We have more than 30 years' experience producing video for public television, cable television, corporate external and internal platforms, documentaries, and more. When you've got something to say, we'll help you say it with time-proven writing, state-of-the-art equipment, and dynamic video direction.

Susan's sense of humor is surpassed only by her professionalism and willingness to please the client. She is open-minded, willing to learn new things and anxious to get the job done correctly to everyone's satisfaction. She is delightful to work with, clever, well-versed in her craft and fun to boot! Susan is easy to work with. She understood my requirements quickly, delivered her deliverables on or before time and on budget. She is a team player and developed relationships easily with other team members.

The small, local nonprofit had been started by someone (the executive director) who firmly believed that she knew what was best for it - its social media, its marketing, its direction, its funding. I recently bought an OCR business card/receipt/document scanner called NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System. And I'm loving it. Don't you want YOUR business card to be OCR-friendly? I mean, who wants to create more work for a business contact or prospective employer or client? Here are some dos and don'ts about creating a highly scannable document, at least on NeatDesk.

Today I've been making Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon for a Julie and Julia party tonight. I'm not sure how I got volunteered for this esteemed role (after all, it's the dish that Julie flops in the movie), but I'm giving it my all. Note that the real composer of this sheet music is A.E. Blackmarr, who credits A. Pindar and P. Nutt as the lyricist and composer, respectively. For those of you not in the know, goober peas are more than just peanuts. They're boiled peanuts, which a lot of Southerners lived on at the end of the Civil War, after they lost their farms and were cut off from the rail lines.

On Thursday, March 24th, 2016, Google made its Google Nik Collection free for the taking. The Nik Collection is a set of premier photo editing plug-ins originally priced at $500 and later at $150. Google bought Nik in 2012. Google says that it will fully refund 2016 purchases of the software. Recently, a very talented marketer and I were discussing QR (quick response) codes. QR codes are the rather ugly black-and-white squares you'll find adorning business cards and perhaps posters. Mine is to the left.