A full service television and video production company. We provide everything from Camera crews to Producers and Actors/On-camera and Voice Talent and post-production to full-service (concept-to-completion) service.

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There's just no substitute for preparation. Before the first scene is shot, everything needs to planned. Pre production involves establishing the goals and objectives of the program, developing a concept, deciding how the program will be delivered (television, video, CD/DVD, the web, etc.) , budgeting, writing treatments and scripts, scouting locations, coordinating the talent, crew and other logistic concerns. Pre production also involves deciding on the "look" of the program (shooting and editing style, titles, music, sound effects, etc.) . Pre production is essential when you're producing a professional program.

"Lights, camera. action! " Producing a professional production isn't as easy as it may seem. It takes hard work, the best broadcast equipment, attention to detail, dedication and most of all experience to make the difficult look easy. Baltimore Visual Arts has the experience and the tools to make your production a success. Our Producers, Directors, Cameramen, Audio Techs, Make-up Artists, and other personnel are among the best in the industry and our equipment is the top of the line industry standard Betacam SP with all the bells and whistles. nothing but the best. "Fix it in post" is NOT in our vocabulary.

From The Discovery Channel to A&E to NBC, ESPN and so many more. Our camera crews have experience working on high profile, top notch programs. You've seen our work, you just didn't know it was us. Although we shoot on video with our trusty Sony BVW-D600, we "think film" - that is the way we compose and light our shots and use depth of field is more like film than video. Lens filters, Fresnel and leko lights, C- Stands, maffer clamps, wireless mics, flags. yeah, we got the gear.

The Director yells "That's a wrap! ", you're finished shooting and now you have a pile of tapes taller than the Sears Tower. How do you compile all those hours of raw footage it into a logical and meaningful production? That's where post production comes in. The post production process melds picture, audio, titles, graphics, narration, music and sound effects into a cohesive and consistent production. Post is more than just cutting several hours of footage down to a specified time period. It's about building logical sequences, smooth transitions and seamless cuts. Editing helps to establish the mood, pace and style of the production. State-of-the-art uncompressed non-linear editing, stunning effects, real time color correction, compositing, titles, DVE transitions. yeah, we do that!

Graphics and animations should be the sugar and spice of a production, not the meat of it. In other words, graphics should add to a production, not distract from it. But video alone doesn't always tell the story. Graphics can add style, impact and a higher production value to your projects. From motion control of still images to 2D and 3D motion graphics creation, yeah we do that too.

CDRoms and DVDs are fast becoming popular delivery formats. We can create interactive CDRoms and DVDs that include video, audio, graphic menus, navigation and interactive elements to reach your goals. From promoting your company, products and services to training your employees, CDRoms and DVDs allow your audience to interact with your message, making it one of the most effective marketing & training tools available.

"Say what? " Everyone should be able to enjoy the value of a great production. Unfortunately, people who are hearing impaired can not enjoy a program in the same way that most of us can. Closed captioning allows the viewer to read a program's dialogue at the bottom of the screen, thus getting more information and enjoyment from the program. To comply with the American's With Disabilities Act, your program many actually NEED closed captioning. Call us for more information.