Ambit Vision Video Productions is an award-winning video production company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Recently selected as a “Top Video Production Service” in Fort Wayne providing consistent quality. We craft business videos that target sales, marketing, training, and customer testimonials. For nonprofits, we produce videos for community outreach, education, mission, and resource development. We offer full-service video production, editing, and motion graphics.

We approach business video production from the perspective that every organization uniquely impacts a community and it’s citizens. Therefore, no matter who your clients or stakeholders may be, we will work closely with you to define the central goal of every video project. We’ll dig for the story behind your message and identify the critical elements. Then, using video production know-how we’ll transform those elements into a compelling video. A professional video to target your unique audience.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Business Videos for: marketing and brand promotions, websites, product launches, FAQ videos,
  • Client testimonials, employee recruitment, training, safety compliance, and seminar coverage.
  • Nonprofit videos for: mission promotions, event marketing, fundraising, planned giving,
  • Volunteer recruitment, training, public education, donor spotlights, and testimonials.

Serviced Areas

  • Northern Indiana, surrounding counties

Contact Details

  Person Peggy A. Bender
  City Fort Wayne, IN
  Zip Code 46809
  Address 4515 Lower Huntington Road
  Phone Number (260) 705-6560

Business Representative

Peggy A. Bender

Founder and CEO

24+ years experience producing award-winning video marketing content for businesses.
34+ years experience in nonprofit community and media relations, public information officer, fundraising, grant writing, social media, website management, and community outreach.

As the Founder and CEO of Ambit Vision Video Productions, a full-service video production company, my team and I partner with businesses of all sizes to provide professional video production services. Since 2010, we have worked with brands such as Annies online Classes, Stoett Industries, ESCSI, Parkview Hospital Whitley County, The City of Fort Wayne, The Builders Contractors Association of Northeast Indiana, FWACC, Shruti Fort Wayne Cultural Society, LA Electric, and more.

Products & Services

Training and Education Video Productions

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- Presentation Coverage

- Informative Trade Show Videos

- Lobby Videos

- Safety Video And Process Training

Reach customers with Promotional Videos

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- Testimonial Videos

- Product Launch

- Manufacturing Processes

- Answers To Customer FAQ's

- Virtual Facility Tour

- Business Profile

Non Profit Business Video Production

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- Recruit, Train And Retain Volunteers

- Grow A Community Event Or Fund Raising Benefit

- Share Successes With Donors, Sponsors And Future Bequests.

- Showcase The Charitable Work Of Your Organization

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Anything that Peggy Bender does you can be sure it is done right.

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Service & support
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  • I would recommend this business
  • professionalism, knowledge, service

Ambit Vision Video Productions is the best! From start to finish, Peggy Bender and her team took my project vision to a level that exceeded my expectations! Her professionalism was always evident and her expertise was readily available to me. Peggy will be the first person I contact for future video production projects. I recommend Ambit Vision Video Productions with enthusiasm and without any hesitation.

Value for money
Service & supportHelped us through every step of production
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

We contacted Ambit Vision for a video to help us in our search for a new minister and to highlight our church to the community. We were extremely pleased with the final video and grateful for the script writing service.

We are forever thankful for your wonderful work on Dan's Legacy Video. I can't tell you how many have watched the movie. It is amazing how it has touched so many and never a dry eye, but always a thumbs up for the expertise of the making. More families should have one made! It's gives the happy to the ugliness of a loss! You captured his tears, his feelings, joys and accomplishments in his own words. Please get others to do this for those left behind!

I was nervous when looking for a production team to film my commercial for a new product. Right from the beginning, Peggy showed the confidence and professionalism that allowed me to trust her judgment in filming this commercial. The commercial was edited and exceeded my expectations. Simply put, I chose the right person for the job! Thanks again Pegue for everything! I will certainly use your services for my next project.


Demo Reel | Ambit Vision Video Productions, Fort Wayne, Indiana | Ambit Vision crafts business and nonprofit videos for safety and process training, how to videos, marketing, sales, and resource development. We love making quality videos, taking care of clients and serving great causes!

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From Our Website

Business owners want video content but may waver on where to start. With Ambit Vision Video Productions, we guide the process to create custom videos delivered on time. With confidence, we'll move your project forward so customers will feel great about seeing and buying your products.

It's one thing to have a mission driving your charitable organization, but it's another thing to get your purpose seen and supported. That's why we encourage charitable groups to shine attention on their efforts with a Mission Video. Every nonprofit has a unique mission that's at the very core of every program, activity, and decision driving its future. If you are an Executive Director or serving on a nonprofit board, then you know the importance of being able to communicate the mission. But what about the staff, volunteers, and donors of your charitable organization?

A public service announcement video is the ideal method for distributing important messages. When your business or nonprofit has something to say, use video to show your content. It's a great way to engage customers and the community. We all know that video content is far-reaching. If your message is beneficial for the people of your community, then chances are it will be helpful for communities everywhere. By investing in a PSA video, you can reach people globally. You'll gain supporters and expand your mission.

If your company is searching for a professional video service, these straightforward tips will help you make an excellent choice. We know that businesses just getting up to speed with video will be excited by their decision. It's also possible to feel overwhelmed. Let's look at a few aspects of video production that you'll need to consider to move your project forward. Your business might have someone on staff who has a reasonably good camera and a tripod. As a hobbyist, they offer to shoot and edit your company video.

Your video shoot is fast approaching, and you're stressing about what to wear in a business video - so let's get you dressed. When it comes to what to wear in a business video, colors that are soft or neutral are the most flattering. Shades of blue look great, pastel shades and neutral tones are always calming and look attractive on camera. As an example, a soft coral can be flattering to your skin, whereas red and orange are harsh and tend to exaggerate any redness in your complexion under studio lights.

If you run a business then you'll benefit by adding a Business Introduction Video to your website to thank customers for stopping by. A business introduction video is a short, concise video message used to introduce your CEO, a new service or product, or simply to thank customers for visiting your site. Think of this as a "From the Director" section of your company newsletter made into a video. If it's already written, why not make it a video too? Afterall, it's a great video style used to introduce customers to the people and personality of your business.

Increase awareness of your organization's needs with a professional nonprofit resource development video. There's no better way to boost your fundraising than showing the importance of your mission. A call for much-needed resources in the video will move your purpose forward. In this video we produced for The Mustard Seed Furniture Bank of Fort Wayne, we took viewers on a journey. We show families together in their kitchens and around tables. Therefore, it makes the plea for donations of cookware and tableware impactful.

If your website doesn't include testimonial videos, let today be the day you make it your goal. Taking the time to ask loyal customers to provide an on-camera review of their experience will not only enhance your marketing, but it will also boost your customer service delivery. Who are your most loyal customers and who has taken a moment to write a post praising your service? Is there someone who has pulled you aside to complement your staff or tell you how much they appreciate the work of your organization?