ALEXANDER FILMS is a production value multiplier, and your resource for production support. Check out our list of packages and call us for availability. We have a array of grip equipment to enhance the production. We have some additional resources for production.

Contact Details

  City Blue Ridge, VA
  Zip Code 24064
  Address 777 Mountin Pass Road
  Phone Number (540) 529-2661

From Our Website

Alexander Films is a PVM production company — that is, a Production Value Multiplier. We excel in taking your production from good to great, maximizing your talent, resources, and opportunities. As a full-service production company, we supply camera, audio, GNE, walkies, car mount, jib, and a lot more to give your production the cutting edge. We also provide or assist with development and preproduction, crew, casting, post production, deliverables, and distribution.