We specialize in trans-media oriented promos, commercials, documentaries and how-to videos for businesses, web, print and apps publishers. We produce, shoot and edit video for the web and apps. We offer: Video production, planning and development. Video editing and photography. Color correction, and basic graphics. We are fully equipped and insured. Call us or visit our website for more information about the services we offer. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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  Person Mauricio Soto
  City New York, NY
  Zip Code 10009
  Phone Number (917) 776-4043

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Mauricio Soto

Filmmaker Mauricio Soto was born in Colombia in 1975 and studied Film and Television Production at the University of Westminster, London/UK . After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in 2002, he moved to New York City where he started freelancing in the film, television, and web industries under various capacities.

Mauricio is a creative and technical professional who is always learning and expanding his technical skills while developing his creativity. He attends seminars and classes to keep up with current industry trends. While he was taught editing at school in the old analog method he now is proficient in non linear editing. By working with renowned fashion, beauty and commercial photographers he learned about lighting.

In 2007 Mauricio incorporated his company Above All Productions, Inc.

Products & Services



Above All Productions produces and co-produces short videos for the web and apps. We are a one stop production company in New York, producing video for businesses, nonprofit organizations, web and print publishers.

Beginning with pre-production the Above All team puts their heads together to develop ideas and storyboards to illustrate the needs of our prospective clients. Once a project is confirmed based on our most cost conscious estimate the next steps are scheduling the shoot and editing time, based on the approved budget. Our aim is to provide the highest quality product without breaking the bank.



As a video post production company Above All edits, color corrects and prepares video files for distribution. The focus is on storytelling, always keeping in mind the desired message, audience and platform where the videos will be watched. Our aim is to deliver videos that are professional and effective.

As we work to get projects finished the client is always kept updated through the use of Mediasilo, which can be accessed directly from our site. There, the client can review and make annotations on the footage and draft edits. Above all will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the result.



Whether you call it cinematography, videography or video photography, Above All loves doing it. We enjoy lighting and framing our subjects and are happy to do it with the upmost attention so we can capture the highest quality footage.

Our aesthetic sensibility and knowledge of technology are mixed to convey the messages in an artistic and effective way. Input from our clients guide us to create a feeling, mood and tone. We always aim to achieve those goals in a practical, economical and safe way

New Media

New Media

New Media / Transmedia / Interactive media are the services in which we aim to encapsulate all our other production and post-production services. The future of new media is trending heavily toward multi platform interactivity and we envision the audience controlling the content to the point of being immersed in it, being creators of the content themselves.

Our goal at Above All Productions is to be part of this experience by providing the techniques of Trans-Media story telling that need to be ready and at hand for the audience to unfold their own experience

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As yourVideo Editor / Post-Production Generalist / Post-Supervisor / Post-Coordinator / Finishing Editor / Colorist / Retoucher / Compositor, I will tell your story in an engaging and effective manner. Mauricio Soto has served as both cameraman and editor for me over the past several years on multiple projects for political campaigns, documentaries and commercials. He is creative, diligent and always goes the extra mile. When I need camerawork, Mauricio gets the first call. Mauricio and his company are hardworking and professional.

I was born in Colombia in 1975 and grew up in Bogot. I studied Film and Television Production at the University of Westminster, London/UK. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Arts degree in 2002, I moved to New York City where I started freelancing in the film, television, print, and web industries under various capacities: from production assistant and logger to camera assistant, video assist, photo assistant, and digital tech. Then as a director of photography, producer, and video editor. In 2007 I started a production company, Above All Productions, Inc., to offer video production and post-production services in the creation of short-form video.